Colorado, looking for a presenter?

I’m back!!!  Surgery went well and although recovery was rough – a week and a half of not being able to see well enough to do anything, not even read – I am back to the land of the seeing. Thank you for all the comments, tweets, Facebook posts, texts and emails of support. It truly meant a lot to know that so many people were pulling for me.

Last week I missed the Colorado Festivals & Events Association‘s Annual Conference & Trade Show where I was scheduled to give two presentations. These presentations were polished and ready to go, complete with slides.

The subject of the two presentations are below. If you are looking for a presenter and would like me to present this material to your organization, please contact me at Thank you!

Utilizing Social Media- Presentation - CFEA (1)

This session will provide the “inside scoop” on utilizing and vetting the proper bloggers and writers to spread the word about your event or festival. We will discuss how social media should be used year round to promote your event. We will look at Twitter hashtags and other social media applications that will help you market your event. Many of the tools we will examine are being underutilized, especially by nonprofit events, small town events and municipality run events.

The Importance of Tourism Presentation Kerr-Schlaefer

A town’s citizens are its biggest asset when it comes to tourism, and there is little doubt that tourism has a tremendous economic impact in Colorado. In this session we will take a look at the hard numbers and then review how you can help put your community on the map and how your business can become involved at the local and state level. We will also take a brief look at the Colorado Tourism Organization’s newest push to promote agritourism in Colorado.

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