Featured Festival: Biergarten Festival

Biergarden Festival Denver logoWhat haven’t I written about Biergarten Festival? It’s one of my favorite Colorado summertime festivals, and in fact, I’d say it’s in the top three.

For me, Biergarten Festival ticks all the right boxes because it’s an authentic German summer party with all the proper accouterments. It’s truly fun for everyone, from the smallest member of your family to the oldest.

Why do I look forward to Biergarten Festival? Well, let me lay it out for you in a nice succinct list.

1. The music. While I don’t listen to German polka music as a matter of course, I do enjoy it, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to this event. It’s happy music and it gets folks dancing; young folks, old folks and barely walking folks. I also love the German dance troupes who entertain the festivalgoers throughout the festival.

boys dancing at Biergarten Fest in 2011. HeidiTown.com

2. The beer. What’s not to love about a good German beer? After all, I’m pretty sure the Germans invented the stuff. They serve up Paulaner beers at Biergarten Fest and if you think that means there’s just one type of beer to drink, you’re wrong. Paulaner makes all kinds of styles and there’s a good variety poured at this event.

Annual Biergarten Festival in Colorado. HeidiTown 20

3. The food. I crave the smoked salmon dish that Chef Neuhold serves up at Biergarten every year. And thank goodness I don’t have to wait an entire year to have it, because I can also get the dish at the Denver Christkindl Market in the winter. Being a Schlaefer, my husband always orders hardcore traditional German fare at Biergarten, but I stick with the mouthwatering salmon.

Annual Biergarten Festival in Colorado. HeidiTown 14

4. The ambiance. Gals in dirndls walk the fest carrying wooden paddles lined with schnapps and baskets overflowing with warm pretzels. The music never stops and almost everyone dances. The setting, on a green hillside outside of Denver, Colorado, is reminiscent of being in the German countryside.

setting of biergarten festival in Morrison Colorado. HeidiTown.com

The 18th Annual Biergarten Festival is July 11-13, 2014.

It takes place at 17832 HWY 8 in Morrison, Colorado, just a short drive from Denver.

You can visit them online at BiergartenFestival.com and join them on Facebook here.

They are also on Twitter.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Hate to say it, but I’m not much of a beer fan. Any point in attending a biergarten festival if you don’t drink copious amounts of brew? 🙂


    1. Dave,

      Music, dancing & food! You don’t need to drink a thing to enjoy this event. And if you want to dance, many others will and there’s even some authentic German dancers who take the floor periodically during the event to perform traditional dances.


  2. WE have family in town this weekend, might need to take them here!


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