#TravelTuesday – #COmetoLife Colorado gift pack giveaway


Did you hear about the #COmetoLife social media campaign early this month? Visit Colorado gave away a bunch of gift packs and then they gave away a trip to Colorado. If you weren’t a winner do not despair, Visit Colorado provided me with a pack to give away to one of my HeidiTown citizens.

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Whether you live in Colorado or long to visit this amazing state, this gift pack is for you. It’s a special, Colorado branded Osprey backpack filled with Colorado goodies such as a Β USA Pro Challenge fleece, socks by SmartWool, a sweet CO logo water bottle that will be the envy of your friends, sweet treats from Honey Stinger, and more.

CometoLife Colorado gift pack

Photo courtesy of Visit Colorado on Facebook.com.

Trust me, you want this gift pack.

As a Colorado lover, you need this gift pack.

And, it’s super-duper easy to enter this contest.

If you are lucky enough to be from Colorado, tell me your favorite Colorado summertime activity. As you know, my favorite summer activity is attending festivals, from Keystone Wine & Jazz to All Arts Fest in Steamboat Springs. What activity makes you #COmetoLife each summer?

If you are from out-of-state, tell me why you’d like to visit Colorado. I can’t make that happen, but I can give you a taste of the pure awesomeness that is the Centennial State by giving you this backpack. Do you want to go river rafting on the Arkansas River or canyoning in Ouray? Perhaps you just want to soak your cares away at one of our many natural hot springs. Tell me how you’d like to #COmetoLife in Colorado and you’ll be entered.

The winner will be chosen AT RANDOM on Friday, July 25 at noon. So leave a comment today!

Please note that you must leave me an email address that you check frequently. The winner must respond within 48 hours or the runner up will be contacted.

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Good luck!


Website Comments

  1. Andrea

    Oh what a great prize!! I love the farmer’s markets in the summer. Seeing the farmers and what they have to offer, everyone comes out to visit the market. It has such a sense of community about it that I love. Plus you can grab snacks before hitting the trails!

  2. d1taylor

    Sweet! My favorite thing here in Colorado is to enjoy the peace and quiet the comes to Boulder when all the students leave for the summer πŸ™‚ Of course, that’s balanced by the waves of tourists that show up, but it’s like a carnival every day, with the beautiful backdrop of the Flatirons. πŸ™‚

  3. Cal

    I want to see mountains, Gandalf! Mountains! I live in Illinois, where corn and plains thrive. I haven’t seen mountains since a backpacking expedition in Cambodia. I plan on hiking Colorado next spring.

  4. Tony Lazzari

    Exploring the backroads, the dirt roads, the trails whether by 4wd, hiking or bicycle. There is a new view around every corner or over every hill. You can be driving along an interstate and a view will pop up that causes you to go Whoa! Where’s me camera? Take a frontage road, find a cascade and soak your feet in the pool.

  5. Monica Teinert

    I would love to win the gift pack, I would take it on my favorite Colorado summer activity which is enjoying long mountain hikes where I take photos of our beautiful landscape.

  6. Chase Squires

    So mine is a mixture of both. I live here now, but it happened by accident. Sort of. My wife and I were visiting from Florida on a trip to Leadville, then drove to Grand Junction, then Moab, then back to Vail, then to Boulder … on our last day, we had a had half a day to kill before our flight home. We decided to check out Denver, a city we’d never given much thought to. Halfway through lunch on the patio at the Paramount and we looked at each other: “Denver?” … pretty much on the spot, we decided to move. Nine months later, we were living here. Never looked back. From the sunny summer festivals and bustling downtown, to the great skiing and lovely remote towns, we love everything about Colorado. When folks ask where we’d like to retire someday, I always say, “We already live there.”

  7. Gretchen Ahlers

    My favorite way to #COmetolife would be through exploring Colorado. I know that is general, but I moved here about a month ago & everything is still so new. I think that has been my favorite thing about this state is how there is always SOMETHING new to do. Just last weekend, I went hiking in Boulder. The weekend before that, I went tubing on Sloan’s Lake in Denver. A few weekends before that, I went on a brewery tour through downtown & attended a local church festival. The possibilities to #COmetolife in Colorado are endless! πŸ™‚

  8. brian crandall

    We Love to live in Colorado
    We’re always a Mile High
    Hiking mountains with Bravado
    At least you know we’ll try

    The scent of pine trees in the air
    This state is filled with magic
    Leave your worries and your cares
    And find a feeling, nostalgic

    Blues and Jazz and much pizzazz
    We love our outdoor festivals
    Brewfest fun and razzmatazz
    And daytime children’s carnivals

    Now the leaves are changing colors
    The nights are turning cold
    Snow is deep on mountain slopes
    Ski double-diamonds bold

    So much to do across the State
    Don’t want to miss a thing
    Lists of all activities great
    “To Heiditown” we sing!


  9. Louise

    I’d love to visit Colorado to come and see the spectacular scenery and sample all these amazing beer festivals that you have!! Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer I never see you without an alcoholic beverage ! Lol xx also to visit an amazing friend who I’ve been in contact with for many years now and have never had the pleasure of meeting!! Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer that is you!! Xxx plus I’d like to win as I never win anything lol xxxx

  10. bethbuczynski

    OK well seeing music outdoors is a BIG one. We go to Red Rocks at least once each summer, and we’ve already been up to the Mish! New this year is single-track mountain biking: we’re discovering so many great places to explore right in our own neighborhood!

  11. Solitare

    Hiking and camping in Colorado is my favorite! We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

  12. Audrey K

    I love hiking the trails near Allenspark. My in-laws have a cabin near there so we can always make a weekend of it. I’m all for nature walks on any trail though!

  13. Adventures Of A Happy Eater

    We would love to come back and visit all of our friends and family. We miss you Colorado and one of my kids would love to use this backpack this Fall to show their CO pride out here in the south.

  14. EJ

    As a Colorado native (born and raised, and proud to claim it!) I love all the things about my state, and summer is the absolute best time of year. Spotting antelope on the rolling green plains or hiking in the beautiful mountains, dining at one of the great restaurants in Denver or Boulder, taking in a world-class symphony or theater performance, or throwing a line in the water and hooking a trout, it’s ALL good!

  15. julie romero

    My favorite summer activities are hiking and tubing on the river. I love the wildflowers, cool breezes, and sunshine!

  16. Miki Baxter

    My favorite Colorado summer activities are camping and floating in the reservoir or river. Just being outdoors is wonderful here!

  17. Hilary Oppie

    I’d love to win. What a great pack for camping in our lovely state!

  18. Kathe

    I love the farmer’s markets that spring up all over town like little flowers! Dining or enjoying a refreshing adult bev on one of the open air patios at my favorite establishments! Gorgeous sunsets! Seriously, what’s NOT to love about our beaurtiful state??

  19. Amy Webb

    I live in CO but native to TX so the CO summers are the best. Biking, hiking and enjoying summer home grown produce are summertime fun.

  20. Chrissy Morin

    It’s such a long list I’m not sure I can come up with one. I really love our little local Smokin Brew BBQ Festival in Parker over Labor Day weekend.. For me it’s what Parker Days used to be.. lots of locals listening to music, dancing, eating, hanging out and eating great BBQ.

    I would ADORE that giftpack and would gift it to my daughter who lives in NYC now.. she is so homesick.

  21. Connie Chuzie

    I love Colorado! Top to bottom, East to West! Something always interesting, fun and beautiful. I love hiking mountain trails, Brewery hopping, festivals, food , lakes, Rocky Mountain National Park. I love Estes Park, Stanley Hotel, Berthoud, Loveland, Longmont, Big Thompson Canyon, just Everything! So I come there quite often and we may be moving there eventually. πŸ™‚

    • Connie Chuzie

      Love City Star Brewery! All of the restaurants, shops and friendly people in Berthoud. Our daughter lives there and we just can’t get enough of this quaint lovely town. Love the roundabout there and the garden! Thanks!

  22. Beth Gallagher

    Oh gosh their is so much to LOVE I’m not sure where to begin! My first time to CO was 1985 camping trip! I remembered how the pine trees smelled, the clean crisp mountain air. How the sun would always shine, I loved to watch the glistening streams that seemed to follow the road as we drive, with an ever changing view of those beautiful mountains as we rounded the curves! I have been back many times since. FINALLY I am in the process of moving to Denver area! So I can live where I vacation!!!

  23. Valerie Griswold

    My favorite way to #COmetolife in the summer is to hike to see the wildflowers at peak bloom in July. That’s the easiest signal to me that summer is at its very best. Also late nights on the porch or backyard grilling corn or eating palisade peaches as the sun sets. We have it pretty good here in Colorado. Actually the best πŸ™‚ thanks for your blog Heidi, I love seeing all the great coloradical things you’re up to in Heidi Town!

  24. Judy L

    I love the new Max bus line and have been taking it to all the summer concerts in Old Town. I also adore the farmers’ markets and walk the trails all year round.

  25. Jen Kaley

    Camping!! It’s so awesome to step away from all technology and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Colorado has to offer. With two kiddos we like to stay close to home but I can’t wait to venture out and explore more of Colorado nature!!

  26. Tracy Marcello

    I love living in Colorado! From biking through Fort Collins to visiting breweries and camping in the mountains, I am so happy to call CO home. Here’s to another great summer!

  27. Heidi Nicole

    I just head to the mountains and hit the trails…you can’t go wrong with mountain trails! I haven’t been lucky enough to summit any 14ers yet this year, but they are on the to-do list!

  28. Mary Allen

    Just moving to Fort Collins a year ago from Florida. I have to say that my answer is MOUNTAINS! And then more mountains. And after that, the mountains. I really can’t get enough. And then after the mountains stopping by a brewery for an ice cold beer. There is truly nothing better!

  29. Marissa Borthwick

    My favorite summer activity in CO is boating/tubing on Horsetooth Reservoir! I only experienced this for my first time last summer, but I’ve been hooked! I can’t pass up going at least once or twice every summer! I think I was meant to live on a lake πŸ˜‰

  30. Laura Kelly Walters

    We are new here in Colorado and LOVING it! We are looking forward to so many more outdoor adventures as we explore the foothills and the mountains. This would ROCK!!!

  31. Erica Olivier

    Oh, Heidi, you come up with the best stuff!
    My favorite CO summertime activity is photographing the wildflowers and this has been a great year for them!

  32. Wendy Warren

    I love the fact that we live just a few minutes from the mountains, and an hour from wonderful camping spots, but I think the summer activity that I do most is waiting for the weather to cool down so I can spend time outside!

  33. Mikki Wood

    Heidi…. Lucky to live in Denver! I love love love to hike & camp. I’m usually found between Morrison & Pine. I’m so open to new adventures!! Please enter me!Γ’Λœβ‚¬Γ―ΒΈΒ

  34. njohn858

    Life in COS – fav thing to do in Colorado during the summer is to get out and hike the fantastic trails that are everywhere!

  35. Suz

    I’ve spent most of my life in Colorado and I can really appreciate that even more now that I live in Arizona. When I was younger I loved summertime boating, camping and fishing, but my new favorite summer memory is spending a weekend in Manitou Springs – good food, nice people, art and shopping, and the best B&B I’ve ever been to. (Pick me pick me!)

  36. Brandy Formanek

    My favorite summer activity is finding that one quiet spot by a river and just letting the kids swim and play in the sand. Or driving to Grand Lake #COmetolife

  37. Jamie McNamara

    How do I pick my favorite Summer activity when there is so much to do here? I have to narrow it down to my top 3: Camping, Whitewater Rafting & Hiking at least one 14’er a summer.

  38. Marcy

    I love to hike Colorado. Not the long, distance backpacking stuff, but all the awesome, miles and miles of short trails. Been hitting Grand Lake, Ouray and Horsetooth (Ft. Collins) this summer for this epic green summer.

  39. Arne Jamtgaard

    The kids and I are excited to go Sunday on our annual pilgrimage to the COlorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur! Cool swords and magic wands and fire eaters and turkey legs!

  40. Heidi Brandariz

    I love it all… Hiking, rafting, wandering off into the Rocky Mountains… Colorado makes me come alive in every season, but the summer filled with sunshine, wildflowers and blue skies steals my heart. #COmetoLife

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