Things to do at Colorado ski resorts when you’re not skiing

As some of you know, I have retired from skiing. My career was short and not very sweet. I learned as an adult and despite having amazing instructors at several Colorado resorts, I could never learn to get off the chairlift without falling. This little chairlift problem kept me up at night for weeks before I had a scheduled ski trip.

I wanted to love the sport of skiing – I so badly wanted to be one of those fashionable people swishing down the slopes, but I had to face the facts – I wasn’t ever going to be that person, and so I finally called it quits. But I am here to tell you that you don’t have to ski to have a great time at a Colorado ski resort.

In the past, I highlighted things to do in Steamboat Springs when you’re not skiing, and that gave me the idea for a series of winter posts about what to do at various ski resorts around Colorado when you’re not skiing.

Ice rink Vail Village.
The ice rink at Vail Village.

I will share with you some of my favorite discoveries, such as sitting slope slide at the Derailer Bar  at Winter Park Resort enjoying Colorado’s best bloody Mary while watching ski races. It was like having front row seats to the show. Another great experience was exploring art galleries in Vail Village and chatting up surprisingly friendly gallery owners.

Telluride Ski Resort gondola ride to town.
Riding the gondola from the ski village to town in Telluride, Colorado.

Or, the time in Telluride when I visited many of the downtown shops that are just a gondola-ride-over-the-mountain from the ski village and popped into Last Dollar Saloon where I was treated like a regular. I’ll share about my wonderful experiences in Breckenridge, one of the best places for a non-skier because the resort and town blend together seamlessly.

Downtown Breckenridge, Colorado in the snow.
Downtown Breckenridge is a quintessential Colorado town that just happens to have an amazing ski resort too.

Even if you do ski, like my husband, you don’t spend all your time on the slope when you visit a Colorado ski resort so this series is for you too. As posts are posted, I will add a link to this article.

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