HeidiTown Gives Back: ColoRADogs, a better world for dogs

ColoRADogs logoBefore I introduce you to this month’s recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back, I want tell you a story.

When I was a little girl we lived in a rural area of southern Oregon. Our house and our neighbor’s house were the only homes on a quiet, dead end street. My little brother and I spent our days exploring the nearby sand dunes (probably a sand pit) and playing in our huge yard. We were never alone on these daily adventures – we had two guards – our dog, a fearless cockapoo named Fluffy, and Daisy, a big brindle pit bull that belonged to our neighbors.

Daisy was a sweetheart and she would have laid her life down to protect us, and we adored her. Daisy was my first introduction to pit bulls, a breed that today suffers from discrimination in places like Denver and Aurora, Colorado.

ColoRADogs, the recipient of this month’s HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign. I chose this organization because of their fight to repeal breed-specific legislation in Colorado and their desire to educate the public.

Pit bull puppy from Coloradogs on Facebook
Every dog was once a puppy. They learn how to behave from their human owners. Photo courtesy of ColoRADogs on Facebook.

Pit bulls and other power breeds, even German Shepherds, the breed I own, are often the targets of breed-specific legislation.

ColoRADogs trademarked the phrase, “Responsible ownership is not breed specific.”

Contrary to popular belief, pit bulls spend a lot of time smiling. Photo courtesy of ColoRADogs on Facebook.
Contrary to popular belief, pit bulls spend a lot of time smiling. Photo courtesy of ColoRADogs on Facebook.

They believe that everyone has the potential to be a great dog owner. Some just need a helping hand, whether that’s with basics like food, or with behavior intervention or simply by an encouraging message in a society filled with negative ones. ColoRADogs  stand for breed equality – that is, every dog (and their owner) should be treated as an individual. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

They also believe that education is important to their cause; their website reads,  “When people know better, they do better.”

soldier hugs his dog from Coloradogs on Facebook
Nothing is better than a dog hug. Photo courtesy of ColoRADogs on Facebook

ColoRADogs isn’t only an advocacy group, they are also a rescue organization, and while they rescue all breeds, they have a soft spot for pit bulls.

The ColoRADogs website is a wonderful resource and you can learn much, much more about what this organization does by visiting.


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 I hope that you will consider donating to their cause today. After all, it’s #ColoradoGivesDay!

HeidiTown Gives Back  is a campaign I started in January 2012. Each month a Colorado nonprofit of my choosing receives a free ad space and a write-up here on the blog, along with occasional mentions in social media throughout the month. This is my way of using my platform to try to do a bit of good in this crazy world. To be considered email me at TheMayor@HeidiTown.com.


  1. I already gave to my favorite dog rescue group GRRR-Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies! We have had Golden’s for 30 years, love them! Rescue groups do an awesome job rescuing and placing animals in great homes, everyone should support dog rescue groups 🙂


    1. Hi Greta, Golden Retrievers are special dogs. Thank you for supporting dog rescue!!! And thank you for stopping by HeidiTown!


  2. I have so much love for ColoRADogs. They have dug deep to help out those dogs that needed a chance, when it seemed unlikely one would happen. They have allowed us to help in the work. Together I have learned so much and am grateful to be a small part of the change. Thank you for recognizing them.


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