Canning class with the Colorado Springs chicken lady

My mother canned throughout my childhood. I especially remember the peaches. She’d open a jar on a rainy Pacific Northwest day and it was a reminder of summertime. Two decades later, I can still recall the sweet flavor of those peaches and the way they glowed like summer sunshine in my bowl.

Bonnie Simon, of Colorado Springs, is the founder of When she started blogging about the antics of her backyard chickens, Bonnie had no idea that the blog would become something much larger than just funny chicken stories.

Hungry Chicken Homestead Bonnie & chickens Heather Sams Fine Portraits
Bonnie Simon & one of her beloved chickens. Photo by Heather Sams Fine Portraits

Today, Bonnie’s passion for small farms and good food has made her a local celebrity. Her blog has become a resource for anyone who wants to learn about Colorado Springs’ local farm and small business community.

The Mission Statement of is, “finding ways to promote local business, local food, and the power of community and the American Dream.”

And Bonnie doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She grows her own garden, raises chickens, teaches classes on canning, yogurt making and more, facilitates workshops, shares recipes and is a champion of Colorado Springs’ small farms.

On Saturday, September 26 at the Mountain Goat Lodge in Salida, Colorado, you can learn to can at Bonnie’s Water Bath Canning Workshop.

Canning with Colorado Springs chicken lady Bonnie Simon.
Bonnie’s canned apricots.

On Saturday morning Bonnie will teach the basics of canning techniques and then participants will make a recipe in the afternoon. During breaks guests can play with Gina’s goats and chickens and check out her amazing greenhouse garden.

This canning class is a full day of learning for just $65 and you walk away with a skill that will last a lifetime. You’ll also walk away with some canned goods! Get more details and SIGN UP HERE.

Canning classes with the Colorado Springs chicken lady, Bonnie Simon.
Bonnie’s canned tomatoes. Yum!

In addition, receive a 10% discount on your stay at Mountain Goat Lodge when you sign up for the Water Bath Canning Workshop. Want to learn more about this unique bed and breakfast? Read about my experience here.


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