From Farms to Wineries, Where to Stay in Delta County, Colorado

Finding a place to stay in Delta County is really fun because there’s such a variety of accommodations in this area of Western Colorado. From farms to bed and breakfasts and everything in between, the only thing you’ll be hard pressed to find is a chain hotel.

Whether you’re heading over for a festival or just to explore, here are some of the interesting places that we’ve stayed during our trips to Delta County. 

Bross Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Paonia, Colorado

Where to Stay in Delta County, Colorado.

We stayed at Bross Hotel in downtown Paonia on our most recent trip to Delta County’s North Fork Valley. This hotel is unique because it was a purpose built hotel and has remained a hotel for 110 years.

The Victorian rooms are cozy and will leave you with the feeling that you’ve traveled back to 1916, except that I expect the plumbing is much better today.

Each room at Bross comes with a delicious homemade breakfast, and don’t miss out on sipping your coffee on the expansive front balcony overlooking Onarga Avenue. I felt a bit like the Colorado version of Scarlett O’Hara on that balcony. As a bonus, Revolution Brewing is just around the corner from Bross Hotel.

Gunnison River Farms, Orchard City, Colorado

Where to Stay in Delta County, Colorado. Gunnison River Farms.

Tucked away in one the most beautiful river valleys in the world, Gunnison River Farms hosts visitors who want to get away from it all, but also want a little adventure.

This 1,000 acre property is a real working farm that grows peaches, grapes, hops, goats and much more. In addition to fruit and veggies, visitors will find petroglyphs located on Gunnison River Farms, which shows just how long humans have been attracted to this lovely river valley.

Guests can stay in one of six cabins on the property. Ours had a large screened patio that overlooked a lush green yard leading down to the Gunnison River. The wide river winds through the property like a deep blue ribbon, and is a prominent feature of any stay at Gunnison River Farms.

Where to Stay in Delta County, Colorado. Gunnison River Farms cabin.

Accommodations come with breakfast in the main lodge and guests can sign up for fishing or raft trips, or farm tours. Guests may even sign up to work on the farm if they want to experience an authentic Colorado farm experience.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind property that includes its own air strip for guests who have private planes.

Leroux Creek Inn & Winery, Hotchkiss, Colorado

Our stay at Leroux Creek Inn & Winery in 2013, was one of the most memorable lodging experiences I’ve had as the Mayor of HeidiTown. It was so wonderful that I wrote an entire blog post about it. Read it here.

Where to Stay in Delta County, Colorado. Leroux Creek Inn & Winery.

If you’ve always dreamt of staying on a vineyard, but don’t want to travel to France or California, Leroux Creek Inn & Winery is for you.

The Living Farm Inn, Paonia, Colorado

We stayed at The Living Farm Inn above The Living Farm Cafe on our 2013 trip to the North Fork Valley of Delta County. The Inn is located in downtown Paonia and features five rooms, three with private baths and two that share a bathroom.

Where to Stay in Delta County, Colorado. The Living Farm Inn.

It’s a comfy inn, and the best part is that breakfast at the cafe downstairs is included in your stay. I can say from experience that breakfast at The Living Farm Cafe is top-notch. Be sure to order the turkey eggs, because this is a rare opportunity to taste them, as I do not foresee Village Inn serving them up any time soon.

Read more about our experience at The Living Farm and The Living Farm Cafe & Inn here.

Other unique accommodations in the North Fork Valley & Delta County:

I have not stayed at these two properties, but they both look rather charming.

Avalanche Cheese Company’s Farm & Dairy Cabin in Paonia, Colorado

Stay on a goat farm!

Stone Cottage Cellars’ Stone Cottage

Stay in a vineyard!

I have stayed at the above-mentioned properties thanks to Visit Delta County.




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