A Lavishly Masculine Bed & Breakfast in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Historically, Cheyenne was a thriving railway town, and in 1888, it was the wealthiest city per capita in the world (city-data.com). Erasmus Nagle built the home in 1887 for $50,000, a huge sum of money at that time, and the Nagle Warren Mansion lives up to its illustrious name—it really is a mansion. 

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The mansion has been a bed and breakfast under the same owner since 1997 and has become a popular place for couples to spend their wedding night. It also fills up with politicians when Wyoming’s legislature is in session.

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Ryan and I stayed in the Frances E. Warren Room last summer and it’s the only time I’ve heard Ryan rave about a bed and breakfast. Usually, the interior design of historic bed and breakfasts’ have “too many doilies” for his tastes, but he loved the Nagle Warren Mansion, in part because our room was sumptuously masculine. He could imagine that he was a great railway Barron or perhaps a western explorer taking a break from a busy life to relax in luxurious accommodations.

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The Frances E. Warren Room includes this fancy writing desk. The Indiana Jones bag and sunglasses are our additions to the desktop.

Before you stay at Nagle Warren Mansion, it’s interesting to scan the Tour page on their website. This will give you an idea of the grandeur of the place. Depending on how busy they are, you may receive a tour when you check-in as well. The place has some fascinating architectural touches like the cast brass fireplace in the parlor.

Hallways fit for an Earl, Barron or Duchess.

Your stay here includes a lavish breakfast served in the elegant dining room. We met lots of interesting guests during our stay including a young man and woman who’d just been married the day before, a military couple who was moving across the country and a husband and wife from Colorado.

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A beautiful breakfast at Nagle Warren Mansion.

Lots of people choose to stay here to celebrate special occasions and while well-behaved children are allowed at Nagle-Warren, this isn’t an ideal property for babies and toddlers.

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One of the great benefits of staying at Nagle Warren Mansion, other than feeling like a member of the Crawley family from Downton Abbey, is the proximity to downtown. For instance, the famous Cheyenne Depot is just a five-minute walk away. During the summer, there are festivals and live music on the plaza in front of the depot and one of the city’s most unique breweries, Accomplice Beer Company, is inside. At Accomplice, you pour your own beer.

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One of the most romantic rooms at Nagle Warren Mansion, The Barbara Sullivan Room.

The bed and breakfast is just a stone’s throw from all three of the town’s breweries, multiple restaurants and shopping. For instance, our pick for pizza in Cheyenne, Bella Fuocco Wood Fired Pizza, is an 8-minute walk from Nagle Warren Mansion. It’s really the perfect spot to stay in downtown Cheyenne, especially if you love living in the lap of luxury. 

Thank you to Visit Cheyenne for hosting us on this visit.

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