Embrace Fall in Colorado with These 4 Outings

(Dates updated for 2019)

This post is going live on a warm September week in 2018, but I was in the mountains this weekend and it looks like fall up there. We’ll be pulling out the scarfs and boots before we know it. Here are four ways to embrace fall in Colorado.

Doughnut & Coffee Tasting in Denver

This sounds like the perfect activity for a fall visit to Denver, Colorado. Local Table Tours is now offering a coffee and doughnut tasting experience to the Mile High City. Their food tours, which I’ve had the pleasure of taking, are an excellent way to experience what the Denver culinary scene has to offer.

Embrace Fall in Colorado with These Outings. HeidiTown.com Coffee and Doughnut Habit Doughnut_Cred Habit
Photo courtesy of Habit Doughnut Dispensary

This new tour visits Black Eye Coffee, Metropolis Coffee, Carbon Coffee and Habit Doughnut Dispensary. These stops offer more than just tasting and create a unique educational experience for the guests. For example, Metropolis will offer lessons on manual brewing with an AeroPress. Come ready to caffeinate, learn and have fun.

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A coffee and doughnut tour is a wonderful way to celebrate fall in Colorado. See all Local Table Tours at LocalTableTours.com.

Fall Drive on a Scenic Byway

One of the best ways to experience Colorado’s color season is to travel one of the state’s scenic byways. Colorado offers a lot of scenic byways and they can be found at Colorado.com, but one of the easiest is the Lariat Loop.

Embrace Fall in Colorado with These Outings. HeidiTown.com Pictured Clear Creek History Park Fall Golden CO
Golden History Park, Golden, Colorado (photo courtesy of Visit Golden)

It’s proximity to Denver makes it easy to do on any given weekend. The Lariat Loops starts in Golden and winds its way through the towns of Evergreen and Idledale, ending in Morrison, home to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Driving the loop takes approximately two hours and is a great late leaf-peeping route.

A scenic byway is an excellent way to embrace fall in Colorado.

One Last Trip or Two to the Farmers’ Market

Just because the kids have gone back to school doesn’t mean that farmers’ markets are over. In fact, in places like Vail, the market runs until October 6, 2019, and it’s an amazing Sunday farm and art market that’s well worth planning a trip around.

Embrace Fall in Colorado with These Outings. HeidiTown.com. Vail Farmers' Market 2 mahone
Vail, Photo Credit Mahone

Many markets, including one of my favorites, Golden Farmers Market, runs until October.

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The Longmont Farmers Market is held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds and runs on Saturdays until November 23, 2019. Plan your trip around one of Longmont’s many fall festivals like Longmont Oktoberfest (September 20-21, 2019) or Dia de los Muertos (activities stretch from October 10 to November 4, 2019).

Bike Outing in Breckenridge with Ridden

The leaf color is changing daily in Breckenridge so if you want to make this a leaf-peeping outing get up there fast. Jump on a fat bike at Ridden and do one of their tours to see fall in Colorado.

Embrace Fall in Colorado with These Outings. HeidiTown.com. Breckenridge fall 3 Photographer Dan-Bergeron
Courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office (photographer Dan-Bergeron)

Right now Ridden is running a tour of the leaves by bike. They drive you and the fat bike to Boreas Pass and let you ride into Como and then they drive you back for lunch on top of the pass and you ride down to Breckenridge. This is an outing you won’t soon forget especially if you can make it there before the leaves drop (which will be soon).

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Here are some Ridden activities that are Mayor Approved – click here.


  1. All the outings sound fantastic! Thanks for the Farmer’s Market reminder. It’s a little different in Arizona the farmer’s markets are now just starting for us.


  2. Never thought of leaf peeping by bike, but that completely makes all the sense in the world. Good Idea!!!


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