Now for Something Completely Different: Moxy Denver Cherry Creek

The word “unique” is overused, especially in travel writing, but the truth is, the Moxy Denver Cherry Creek is a unique hotel. Where else will you find a vending machine that sells sunglasses and beef jerky? Where else in the Rocky Mountains, will you find plastic flamingos neatly arranged on your hotel bed?

Now for Something Completely Different Moxy Denver Cherry Creek 1.

When I moved to Colorado in the late 1990s, Cherry Creek was a much more subdued place than it is today. It was still high-end with good restaurants but it wasn’t the booming place it is now. Today, the Cherry Creek skyline is filled with cranes and construction seems to be happening everywhere. New restaurants has popped up in the short time since we stayed in Cherry Creek in 2016.

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The Moxy of one of the “new kids on the block” in Cherry Creek, and its location along Josephine couldn’t be better. For instance, the Cherry Cricket, is just around the corner and my favorite wine shop in Denver, The Vineyard, is just a hop and skip away (8 minutes by foot to be exact).


Pink is far from my favorite color, but it’s the underlying theme at Moxy and it works. From the boxing gloves in the gym to the check-in drink, it’s all pink, pink, pink. Even the hairdryer in our room was pink.

Now for Something Completely Different Moxy Denver Cherry Creek 4.
Ryan demonstrates the pink boxing gloves the Moxy’s gym.

One of many unique features at Moxy is the ironing area. The rooms do not come with boards and irons but if you walk your wrinkled clothes to the second floor, a cozy little area complete with boards and irons serves your needs. There is even seating if your friend wants to tag along and chat while you iron.

As I mentioned previously, each guest receives a check-in drink which makes sense because guests check-in at the bar. That’s right, no check-in desk here, just a large bar where you can order drinks and some food items, and get key cards to your room.

Now for Something Completely Different Moxy Denver Cherry Creek 4.
Check-in drink at the Moxy.

We were in a queen room with views of the mountains, downtown Denver and construction. It’s hard to get away from construction in the Mile High City. The room was small but well-appointed with lots of hooks for hanging things, extra storage under the bed and a big, flat screen tv. The covering on the huge picture window nearly blacks out the room at night which is nice since the Colorado sunlight floods the space when the shade is open.

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Interestingly, in addition to the bed flamingos, extra seating and even a table hang from hooks on the wall should you need them. In addition, there’s a lovely, reusable bag you can use for shopping around Cherry Creek, a favorite activity in the area.

Now for Something Completely Different Moxy Denver Cherry Creek 2.
The view of Denver from our room in the afternoon.

The staff at Moxy is very nice, from the valet to the bar, everyone was helpful and sweet. With a check-in desk at the bar and a huge outdoor patio area, Moxy has a young, hip vibe, but I felt comfortable even though at 42, I think my “young” days are behind me. Of course, I still think I’m hip.

Now for Something Completely Different Moxy Denver Cherry Creek 5.
The Cherry Cricket is just around the corner from the Moxy. We’ve been going there for the better part of two decades.

Cherry Creek makes an excellent place to stay and play in Denver. While it feels like the city, it also feels like a safe, walkable town. We had tickets to Simple Minds at the Paramount, just a Lyft ride away in downtown.

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In the morning, guest can grab a coffee near the bar and order a few breakfast items, or, if you are a breakfast aficionado, like my husband, Syrup is less than a block away and serves up scrumptious breakfast.

Now for Something Completely Different Moxy Denver Cherry Creek 7.
Moxy Lobby flooded with morning light.

Moxy is a dog-friendly property in Cherry Creek as are several businesses in the area including the Orvis store where your furry friend gets a treat.


Thank you to Moxy for hosting our stay.

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