Exploring for More Than a Decade: HeidiTown Turns 11

Before the month is out, it’s important that I acknowledge the fact that I’ve been doing this gig for 11 years. That’s right, I started this blog before self-driving cars, Kickstarter, Hoverboards and Kindles. 

HeidiTown Turns 11 Pic 6
Rocky Mountain National Park, March 2018

Back in 2007, most people didn’t know what a blog was and today, it seems that nearly everyone is blogging. By the way, “blog” became a recognized word by Merriam-Webster in 2004.

A lot has happened in 11 years. I started the blog because, at the time, everyone said a freelance writer should have one. In the first couple years, HeidiTown reviewed books, movies and restaurants but it quickly shifted to a place where readers could find fun Colorado festival stories. Articles about entertaining things to do around the state quickly followed. 

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If it wasn’t for HeidiTown on twitter, I wouldn’t have met Karen 7 years ago.

I started writing about Colorado’s amazing places as the state’s population boomed, and while I complain about the traffic as much as anyone (maybe more), I don’t blame anyone for wanting to live in this beautiful state.

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I’ve lived in Colorado for nearly two decades and watching the changes hasn’t always been easy, but despite more traffic and busier trails, Colorado is an exciting place to be. The steady growth of HeidiTown is due in part to Colorado newbies and people who long to be here, whether permanently or just for a vacation.

Some of my biggest fans over the years live in states such as Wisconsin and Florida. I am flattered that they make virtual stops in Colorado nearly every day via HeidiTown, whether it’s the blog or one of my various social media platforms.

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How could you blame anyone for wanting to be here? Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

In March of 2017, I announced the growth of HeidiTown to surrounding states. That expansion was slow because we had an old dog and leaving her for more than a couple of days was agonizing. So we made short trips which left out many of the surrounding areas I’d intended to include in the expansion. 

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HeidiTown Turns 11. Photo 2
Good times with my girl this summer.

HeidiTown has outlived some festivals and has been witness to tremendous growth in that area as well. Like breweries, I used to be able to tell you exactly what was happening on any given weekend but I can’t keep up anymore—with the brewery scene or festivals. Things have changed a lot in 11 years, but some things have stayed the same including my love of exploration.

HeidiTown Turns 11. Pic 6

With the growth of Colorado, it’s difficult to be the first one to write about anything (although over the years I have been), but I do experience things my way and I appreciate those of you who have been along for the ride and continue to read HeidiTown despite how many articles are out there about travel and festivals in Colorado.  

HeidiTown Turns 11
Thanks to HeidiTown I met and became lifelong friends with the Deputy Mayor of HeidiTown, Lisa “Moose” Kral, owner of Dancing in My Head Photography.

I love what I do and I love what this little town has become. To predict the future is impossible but I look forward to working with festivals whose leaders understand the value of marketing with HeidiTown. I look forward to working with old connections and new connections within the tourism world. Tourism folks seem to really “get” what HeidiTown is all about.

Most of all, I look forward to connecting with my readers through comments, tweets and meeting HeidiTown citizens in the real world at festivals across the mountain west. Please come up and say hi. It really does makes my entire week to meet you (just ask my husband).  


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Your innovation, style and sheer joy in Colorado have become part of our state’s fabric. Moreover, you have single-handedly become an economic driver for tourism. Well done! Grateful to live in YOUR corner of the world!


  2. Hi Mayor! Love visiting Heiditown! Keep up the good work and congratulations on the great run!


  3. Congrats! Thank you for your sharing because yes, those of us from out of state fell in love with a small portion and have come to realize how much there is to do because of Heiditown. Cheers to the Mayor!


  4. THIS IS THE BEST! You inspire so many people and I’m happy that I am on the journey with you!


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