Shopping in Salida, Colorado: Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees

I am not a big shopper, but it is fun to go shopping while we are out and about in little towns across Colorado and beyond. On our trip to Salida, we had the puppy with us but still managed to go into a couple of stores.

Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (13)

We first found Drift & Amble. There is a sign on the door that reads, “no dogs” but the woman behind the counter invited Fritzi inside because it was a slow day. It was a sound decision on her part because it resulted in the sale of a hat to me and a t-shirt to Ryan. 

Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (4)

Drift & Amble is a shop that specializes in handprinted t-shirts, ballcaps, cards and other stuff. I loved the little sayings and artwork on the items inside this shop. A Colorado-lover like myself will find many things to buy here. I got a “Keep Colorado Wild” ballcap and Ryan got a “West is Best” t-shirt, a phrase which I use often because it’s true. 

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During several walks around downtown, Ryan ducked into a rug shop and a comic store. I enjoyed browsing in True Vintage Finds & Homegoods. This long and narrow shop features goods sold by various individuals in town. 

Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (12)

I found out about this store from the owner of Salty Wench, a seasoning purveyor in the park at the Salida Farmers Market. I had bought some seasoned popcorn and she told me about the Salty Wench stall at True. Sure enough, I found her wares and much more. This is the kind of store that forces a shopper to stop and peruse through all the interesting bobbles and crafts for sale. 

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The store I loved the most, mostly because all their products come from bees, which I think are the coolest, is The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique. In fact, I was so busy shopping here that I forgot to snap a photo of the inside.

Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (6)

My Discovery Pass allowed me to get a free lip balm with purchase, so of course, I had to buy something. I got the most wonderful lavender shea butter cream and some excellent honey salve for my dry hands. This store is online so when I run out, I can order more.

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The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique doesn’t only sell beauty products; they sell a wide variety of honey, even jalapeno honey, candles, candle-holders and more. It’s an airy, lovely shop and I’d encourage you to pop in when visiting Salida. It’s next door to the Little Red Hen Bakery which I also highly recommend.

Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (7)
Ryan and Fritzi waiting for me outside the Honey Boutique.

Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (10)

If you love art galleries, this is the place to visit. There are many galleries to browse here. While we didn’t hit any galleries on this trip, on my stay at the Mountain Goat Lodge in Salida, I visited The Bungled Jungle. I was traveling with my friend Kerri, an artist who adores this store and does her best to keep them in business.

The Bungled Jungle, Pat & Kerri.

It’s a strange assortment of weird and fantastical one-of-a-kind monsters lovingly created by shop owners, Pat and Suzanne. You just gotta go to fully understand.

The Bungled Jungle in Salida, CO

By the way, if you go with your dog or want to get them a little gift while you’re away, go shopping at Gone to the Dogs. We bought Kong tennis balls that squeak (a dog park favorite) and several bully sticks.

Salida is a charming Colorado town with a lot to offer. If you travel in order to go shopping, this town can’t be missed.

Thank you to Now This is Colorado for hosting our stay at Amigo Motor Lodge.

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