Five Reasons to go to Hot Rock & Rumble at Pikes Peak Int’l Raceway

You don’t need to love the sounds of motors revving and the smell of exhaust… but if you do, you simply have to go.

Pikes Peak International Raceway is in Fountain, Colorado, just minutes south of Colorado Springs. The raceway is the home to car experiences of all kinds, and it’s not just for gear heads. While I think cars are pretty, I am not even close to being a gear head. At one time I knew how to change a tire, but I’m not sure I could anymore. However, this place appeals to me, especially on the festival level.

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I’ve been to Hot Rod Rock & Rumble twice now, and I am a fan. The event has passed this year, but here are five reasons you should plan to go next August. And keep tabs on Pikes Peak International Raceway (they have a lot going on).

1. The Pin-Ups

Hot Rod Rock & Rumble is a rockabilly festival, and there are plenty of real life pinups everywhere. Lots of gals dress the part at this festival, but those who are really, really into it compete in Miss Hot Rod Rock & Rumble, a pinup contest. By the way, I love pin-up art. If I ever got a tattoo it would be of a pin-up gal sitting on a pile of vintage luggage.

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The pin-up contest is not the only chance for those of the female persuasion to strut their stuff. There is also a Pin-up Flag Drop to start races at the drag strip. Don’t miss this event.

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2. The Food

It’s not a secret that I like food. I love exploring areas like south of Colorado Springs, for things like roasted green chiles in Pueblo, sloppers in Pueblo, and the best Italian food you’ve ever eaten, in Pueblo. I am extremely happy to inform you that the Musso Farm Food Truck comes from Pueblo to this event. Their sausage sandwich with green chiles is one of the best things you’ll ever put in your mouth.

3. Cars, but not like you think

I have been to car shows and this is not one. These vehicles don’t just sit around looking nice and shiny. The cars and trucks at Hot Rod Rock & Rumble seem like they are always on the move. Whether the driver is taking the car to the raceway or participating in the drag race, these vehicles are far from stationary.

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4. The Venue Rocks

As I’ve written above, this event happens on the raceway. That’s right, the festivalgoers are surrounded by vintage cars driving the oval all day, giving the event an extra festive feel.

Old Cars, Fast Cars & Pinups at Pikes Peak International Raceway. HeidiTown (2)

In the middle of the oval is where it all happens. There is a drag strip for races, several stages for bands, a bar, food truck gathering, and shopping sector, plus a Vintage Camper Village and swap meet. There’s even a kids power wheel area! Phew, I am sure I’ve failed to mention many things, but you get the point. A lot can fit in the middle of a speedway.

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5. Action, Action, Action

Not only is this venue super awesome, there is literally always something happening during this Hot Rod Rock & Rumble. Whether it is cars flying by on the raceway, the traveling Junkyard Motorhome Stage complete with band rockin’ live tunes or squealing tires in the burnout contests, there is always something happening. And after this past 18 months, it’s nice to attend an event like this.

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