Fun With Your Fur Friend in Fickle Park, Berthoud, Colorado

Did you know that 75% of Americans own at least one dog? I believe it because, at one point, we were the only people on our block with one dog, everyone else had two!

Salida, Colorado is for the Dogs Dog-Friendly Spots Around Town. HeidiTown (15)

And now for an unhappy statistic. Puppy mills are directly responsible for 75% of the dogs in shelters and rescues. And the topic of puppy mills is something that the average person knows little about. However, that has been changing thanks to organizations like Harley’s Dream.

Hops & Harley has morphed into Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Berthoud, Colorado. It will take place on September 26, under the trees in Fickel Park. 

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The event is hosted by Harley’s Dream, a Colorado-based nonprofit established in 2016 to create awareness and educate the public about the commercial dog breeding industry, also known as puppy mills.

Fun With Your Fur Friend in Fickle Park, Berthoud, Colorado. Puppy Mill Awareness Day

If you are unfamiliar with what a puppy mill is, it isn’t about responsible breeding of dogs by people who care about a specific breed. It’s the mass production of puppies for commercial sale, usually at pet stores. It results in so many unfortunate things, including injuries to the dogs and the elimination of breeding dogs after their usefulness has come to an end. 

Researching the subject can be a real eye-opening experience for dog lovers. Please take the time to read Harley’s Dream’s Mission Statement. And, you can read about Harley, the dog that started it all. 

Harley at the City Star Brewing
This is Harley at City Star Brewing. He was an amazing little dog.

Dog lovers and their dogs will fill Fickel Park on Puppy Mill Awareness Day. After all, this is a family-friendly and dog-friendly event. There will be awareness booths, vendors, live music, food trucks, a rescue dog parade and so much more. You won’t want to miss the Blessing of the Animals or the doggie costume contest. 

This is your opportunity to learn, relax and pet many dogs, which is always my personal goal. You may even find your own forever fur friend because there will be a dog adoption organization in the park with their furry wards.

Fun With Your Fur Friend in Fickle Park, Berthoud, Colorado. Puppy Mill Awareness Day 1

An event pre-party will be held on Saturday, September 25, at City Star Brewing in Berthoud. 

It’s been an honor to be an in-kind sponsor of this event from day one. As most of you know, I think dogs are the very best of us, and they are more than just our pals. It has been scientifically proven that dogs help us live longer. By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch “Dogs” on Netflix. It’s the best show I’ve seen on television. 

Fun With Your Fur Friend in Fickle Park, Berthoud, Colorado. Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2

I know many of you share my love of dogs. Please consider becoming educated about puppy mills, and coming out to support this organization. See you there!

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Hosted by Harley’s Dream

Sunday, September 26, 11 am to 5 pm

Fickel Park, Berthoud, Colorado

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  1. Wish we lived closer! My rescue would love to walk in the parade.


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