The Mayor Slurps Vegan Soup & Likes It: SUPPAS, Made in Colorado

I do not usually participate in the exchange of products for a review. However, I was approached about SUPPAS by a person I’ve worked with for a long time and I like her. Plus, I really like that this product is made right here in Colorado. In fact, it’s made right down the street from me in Longmont.

The Mayor Slurps Vegan Soup & Likes It SUPPAS, Made in Colorado. HeidiTown 2

SUPPAS by Future Fit Foods makes plant-based soups that take eco-friendly and healthy to another level. They even provide an envelope for sending back the packaging for proper recycling. That’s what I mean by “another level.”

There is something therapeutic about a bowl of warm soup on a cold day. In fact, it’s 14 degrees out right now! Definitely a soup day. And I like soups a lot. As the writer of, I especially love flavorful soup. I sometimes spend an entire afternoon making the perfect green chile.

These soups, however, are not time-consuming. In fact, you simply add water and wait 3 minutes before slurping down the resulting broth and vegetables. They would be great for backpacking or doing one of the other super outdoorsy things that Coloradans love to do.

The Mayor Slurps Vegan Soup & Likes It SUPPAS, Made in Colorado. HeidiTown 1

While taste is the most important thing to me, these soups are vegan which will make vegans very happy. I will confess that the Seven Seas soup made with seaweed, green papaya, and sprouted mung bean is a little too healthy tasting for me, but I really liked the Spice Route. Made of adzuki beans, shiitake mushrooms, and lemongrass, the mushrooms tasted especially fresh. This is fascinating considering they’re dried.

I think tasting fresh is where SUPPAS shine. When reconstituted in water, the soups taste like they’ve been made from scratch atop the stove all day. Whether you’re backpacking, canoeing, camping, or simply sitting at home on a snowy day, a fresh-tasting bowl of soup is just about perfect. Plus, these soups are just 100 calories per bowl.

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  1. The spice route sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it. Looks like it would be a good soup to have on hand as I head back to healthy eating after the Holiday mayhem!car


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