Spa Monarch, Black Hawk, Colorado: A Million Magical Miles Away

There is a kind of magical in being transported skyward, away from the ringing of slot machines and the buzz of a casino floor, into the bliss that is a spa. This accurately describes arriving at Spa Monarch at the Monarch Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk, Colorado. Enter the dimly lit hallway and that luxurious spa smell washes over you.

Spa Monarch, Black Hawk, Colorado A Million Magical Miles Away. HeidiTown (6)
Spa Monarch, Monarch Casino Resort Spa

The first thing I noticed about this casino however, is that it is super high tech. When I stayed at the resort last year, it felt like we’d flown to a brand new property in Las Vegas. It definitely didn’t feel like we were at a casino resort less than an hour from Denver. With wide hallways and mind-reading elevators, it all feels rather fabulous.

There are so many wonderful things about Spa Monarch, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Aqua Spa Lounge with an experiential shower, is pretty hard to beat. With a huge hot tub, waterfall, view of the mountain and ice fountain—yes, ice fountain—you’ll never want to leave.

Spa Monarch, Black Hawk, Colorado A Million Magical Miles Away. HeidiTown (4)
Behold, the ice fountain. The perfect way to cool down from a warm soak.

And what’s an experiential shower, you ask? It’s a good question. It takes the everyday activity of showering to another plane. With music, light, and aromas, you can also choose the kind of water you’d like to experience—whether that’s a monsoon, mist, tropical rain or even snowflakes. You can also just take a regular shower here, but why would you want to do that?

Aqua Spa Lounge, courtesy of Monarch Casino Resort Spa
That large blue apparatus in the corner of the Aqua Spa Lounge is the Experiential Shower. It’s quite a piece of technology. (Courtesy Photo)

Brine is another word for salty water, and the peaceful Brine Inhalation – Light Therapy Room, heals body and mind. Just sit quietly, breathing in the therapeutic salt aerosols, while the lighting in the room changes colors. I should have videoed this room. It’s really quite fascinating.

Spa Monarch, Black Hawk, Colorado A Million Magical Miles Away. HeidiTown (20)

Spa Monarch has two saunas and the concept appeals to me because most saunas are too hot for me, but the non-traditional Laconium Relaxation Lounge is perfect. Plus, the bench, which fits every back in the most comfortable way, is genius. There is also a Stone Bath sauna room for those who want a more traditional sauna experience.

Couples Massage Room, courtesy Spa Monarch
Couples Massage Room (Courtesy Photo)

There are multiple treatment rooms here with everything from Swedish Massages to body scrubs available. Perhaps the most unique aspect of each room is its calming view of the Rocky Mountains. Of course, your eyes may be closed for most of these relaxing treatments but should you open them, scenic views await.

This level also offers a fitness center with a view and an infinity pool. There are also three hot tubs, one outside, and an expansive patio area where impressive Colorado mountainscapes abound.

Rooftop Pool, Monarch Casino Resort Spa
The expansive pool at Monarch Casino Resort Spa. (Courtesy Photo)
Spa Monarch, Black Hawk, Colorado A Million Magical Miles Away. HeidiTown (5)
Rooftop wrap around deck at Monarch Casino Resort Spa.

All guests are welcome to use this rooftop pool and hot tubs, but spa reservations are best made in advance. For those foregoing treatments, a daily guest pass allows one to experience the various spa lounges. If you book one or more of the luxurious treatments, arrive early or stay late to enjoy the other amenities on offer.

Rooftop Hot Tub, Monarch Casino Resort Spa
Rooftop Hot Tub at Monarch Casino Resort Spa (Courtesy Photo)

The resort has four restaurants, a rooftop pool and hot tubs, spa offerings, comfy hotel rooms, not to mention a Sportsbook, and all the gambling you could ever want. You might get tired, but you’ll never be bored at Monarch Casino Resort Spa.


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All opinions are those the author, Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer.

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