Introducing For Those Who Love Food

I thought I’d written this post. Seriously. For some reason, I convinced myself that I had written an introduction to on HeidiTown. Alas, I had not.

So, while I started this new venture some time ago, here is a proper introduction.

Introducing For Those Who Love Food. Bennys Tacos. HeidiTown (2)
Benny’s Tacos in Berthoud, Colorado.

During the pandemic, I started a new blog. It was sort of out of boredom. I wasn’t traveling as much and let’s face it, I wanted an excuse to eat more tacos and slurp more pho. is a place that I hope will become popular with adventurous eaters in Northern Colorado who want to explore new-t0-them restaurants. The reason it is regional is that I live in Northern Colorado and will write (mostly) about restaurants in this particular area. However, occasionally, I will write about eateries I find on the road. For instance, I recently wrote about La Mina Tacos in Leadville on the new site.

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These aren’t what I would call hardcore “reviews” because quite frankly, 1) I am not qualified and 2) for the most part, I am not returning and returning. I believe, to do serious food reviews I would need to return to the same place more than once.

Plus, I am definitely not qualified to tell you X is a good pho and Y is a terrible pho. I just don’t know pho well enough. I know what I like and what I don’t like and that’s how these articles will unfold.

Introducing For Those Who Love Food. Bennys Tacos. HeidiTown (4)
Pho Lan in Loveland, Colorado. This is the place I credit with introducing me and making me fall in love with pho.

Also, I will write about more than just tacos and pho at, and that’s because it’s my blog and I will do what I want to. I usually do. For instance, I have written about my experience making pork butt carnitas in the Instant Pot and my favorite chef-y books and podcasts on Audible.

So please visit! Subscribe if you are so inclined and join Tacos&Pho on social media (links below). Yes, I use an ampersand in social media and an AND for the website name.

Introducing For Those Who Love Food. Mi Tierra. HeidiTown (3)
Mi Tierra in Windsor, Colorado. Tacos are only $1.25 on Taco Tuesday!

This isn’t a money-making venture, and I pay for the meals (they are not comps). Most restaurants aren’t even aware they are on the blog. It’s just a place for us to come together and talk about food, cooking and eating. And who doesn’t like food? I like it a lot.

Lastly, both and are getting blog makeovers in May, and their own server. So, they will be super fast and so good-looking. See ya here and there!

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