The Future is Here: Not Looking Back

I have not written a “year in review” post, and I’m not going to do it. Now that isn’t to say that there weren’t highlights. Most were animal-related.

For instance, meeting kittens and puppies at Animal Aid of Colorado on assignment for Berthoud Weekly Surveyor.

Not a Year in Review Post. Animal Aid of Colorado. HeidiTown 1

Not a Year in Review Post. Animal Aid of Colorado. HeidiTown (2)

Meeting this cat in Chadron, Nebraska, outside the Bean Broker Coffee House and Pub.

Not a Year in Review Post. cat in Chadron, Nebraska.

Meeting all the animals on the farm at AJ Farms 605 in Belle Fouche, South Dakota.

Not a Year in Review. AJ Farms. Belle Fourche, South Dakota. HeidiTown

Not a Year in Review. Baby goat at AJ Farms in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. HeidiTown 3

In addition, I did manage to do a lot of other fun things including eating a lot of good food. Also, I enjoyed a festival or two. Ryan and I also did a three night Dust Bowl Road Trip. Entirely non-hosted by any destination, and my engagement was off the charts. Plus, I had a lot of fun writing about it and produced some of my best HeidiTown writing.

For the past three years, I knew my industry was changing, and it has changed. I no longer wish to look back at the way things were because they will never be the same. And although that’s been hard for me to grasp, I must in order to move on.

There is still going to be road trip writing on HeidiTown and hopefully, festival coverage, however, HeidiTown is going to be different going forward. I think my incredibly loyal readership, which I have become even more acquainted with over the past year, will approve of the changes.

While my plan is still somewhat messy, let’s face it, that’s life, I feel this new path may set me free and therefore rocket HeidiTown into an entirely new and exciting universe.

Stay tuned as this unfolds. It’s the next chapter in the wild ride of life… and let’s just say as a citizen of HeidiTown, you’re invited along for every flat tire and hangry episode… and all the wonderful stuff too.

If you do not change direction,

you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu


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  1. I look forward to whatever it is you have planned.

    Happy new Year to you both


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