Picking the Right Colorado Hot Springs for You

I’ve decided that instead of creating a long list of the nearly 100 hot springs in Colorado, I’d highlight one of  our state’s greatest hot springs resources, the Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop.

Strawberry Park
Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs, Colorado (2016)

This website features 23 of our state’s hot springs, including a map, information on destinations, a blog and links. If a Colorado hot springs vacation is in your future, this is the website to visit. I have written about this site at The Heidi Guide, but have not dedicated a post to it here.

Why You Should Visit Ouray this Winter. Wiesbaden, HeidiTown.com
Wiesbaden Hot Springs, Ouray, Colorado (2016)

These hot springs venues are all different. Some offer lodging, and some do not. The Wiesbaden Hot Springs & Lodging is one of the few with a vapor cave, which my husband loves. The Sand Dune Recreation offers an adult only section. Very few are clothing optional. 

I haven’t been to every single hot spring in Colorado, but here are a few insights on some that I have had the pleasure of visiting. For instance, there are more family friendly hot springs while some are better suited for a romantic getaway. 

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Also, be aware that just about every hot spring in Colorado has been discovered, and most will be busy on the weekends. However, if you can swing a weekday visit, many of these pools will be delightfully uncrowded. 

Picking the Right Colorado Hot Springs for You. Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat, Colorado, HeidiTown
Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat, Colorado (2017)

There are hidden hot springs spots in the mountains that require a hike, but I will not cover any of those here, and neither does the hot springs loop website. There are still a few things in Colorado that still remain a mystery and I’d like to keep it that way. 

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As a kid, I loved the water. In fact, it is still my happy place, so your children will probably be happy with any of spots. There are, however, a few more kid-friendly options when it comes to these hot springs. 

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For a family vacation where the kids can play to their hearts’ content, I’d recommend Glenwood Hot Springs Pool,  Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Old Town Hot Springs or Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs. Planning a multi-generational trip? The aforementioned venues are great, but if you can get to The Springs Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs, it’s where luxury meets all day entertainment, and for the price (it isn’t cheap) you’ll definitely want to stay all day.

Picking the Right Colorado Hot Springs for You. Ouray, Colorado, HeidiTown
Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Ouray, Colorado

Looking for a romantic getaway? While it might get spendy, you are in luck. There are quite a few romantic hot spring spots in Colorado. Personally, if you’re a little crunchy or just watching your pennies, Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa in the San Luis Valley is a wonderful option to do with your honey for just $15 per person. We’ve visited three times, once on our 17th anniversary. 

Picking the Right Colorado Hot Springs for You. Avalanche Ranch, Carbondale, Colorado, HeidiTown
Avalanche Ranch, Carbondale, Colorado (2017)

We also experienced a romantic soak at Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs outside of Carbondale. Avalanche Ranch gets crowded, so weekdays are recommended, but a stay in a cozy cabin along with a soak can be just what Dr. Ruth ordered. At Cottonwood Hot Springs & Spa, I rented a cabin with a private hot spring with friends, but it would be a charming locale for couples. 

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Honestly, a lot of these destinations can be romantic. Even some of the large hot springs resorts, like Glenwood Hot Springs Pool have been the site of our anniversary celebration. In fact, we’ve been there several times for our anniversary over the years. One memorable time, we took Amtrak to Glenwood Springs for a weekend soak.

Picking the Right Colorado Hot Springs for You. Avalanche Ranch, Carbondale, Colorado, HeidiTown
Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Glenwood Springs, Colorado (2019)

 A big part of a hot springs holiday choice comes down to where they are located. It’s obvious by where we’ve spent the most time, Glenwood Springs and Joyful Journey, that we adore these two places. Glenwood Springs is a small town that boasts everything from a rich history to multiple breweries and delicious food. It is home to Slope & Hatch, one of my favorite taco joints and Ryan likes their fancy hot dogs. 

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On the other hand, Joyful Journey is in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. This hot springs destination is a true escape. 

Honestly, I love The Springs in Pagosa Spring, but it’s a long drive from Colorado’s Front Range, so I usually plan to stay three-nights in the area. It is the largest hot springs resort I’ve visited and staying onsite gives a guest 24-hour access. Waking up early to watch the sunrise over the San Juan River while soaking in the River Bend Pool is one of my cherished travel memories. 

Picking the Right Colorado Hot Springs for You. The Springs Resort. HeidiTown
The Springs, Pagosa Springs, Colorado (2016)

Lucky for you, all these Colorado hot springs offer relaxation and real fun. If you need help picking one right for you, Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop can help, and so can I. Feel free to leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook.


  1. Hi – i’m looking to stay at a hot springs spa by myself for 2 days, hopefully not too far from Denver. Is Mount Princenton the best choice? Thank you.


    1. Hi there,

      Sorry about the late response. I was getting notified about comments but I don’t anymore!

      We used to go to Mt. Princeton a lot, and it is a beautiful property. It is very posh and expensive these days. If you’d like a little more crunchy and less expensive, I’d recommend Cottonwood in the same area.

      Honestly, we adore Joyful Journey, which is going to be a little farther drive for you, but you can book an affordable stay there or if you just want to soak, it is only $15. The views can’t be beat!

      Good luck!!! Let me know where you go and your thoughts!


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