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On the Road in Grand Junction, Colorado: The Rest of the Story

May 4, 2021

On the Road in Grand Junction, Colorado: Take a Hike with the Dog

April 28, 2021

On the Road in Grand Junction, Colorado: Ride with Adrenaline Driven Adventures

April 22, 2021

North Platte, Nebraska: Trains, Trains and more Trains

April 15, 2021

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On The Road Again Vista Verde Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. HeidiTown (5)
Colorado, Travel

On The Road Again: Vista Verde Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This was my first official HeidiTown trip since the beginning of October and this was not at all like riding a bike. We were okay at the traveling bit and we enjoyed each experience to the absolute fullest. Turns out, ... [ Read More ]
I Want To Get Away How to Get Away Without Leaving Town (6)

I Want To Get Away: How to Get Away Without Leaving Town

I have written multiple times about being a tourist in your own town, but that was before this world-wide pandemic. We’ve all been stuck in our own towns for a year now and I have little doubt that you’re sick ... [ Read More ]
Road Trip Colorado Scenic Byways. HeidiTown (Blue Mesa Reservoir 2019)

Plan a Colorado Road Trip: Explore the Scenic Byways

It is likely that 2021 will be another big year for the road trip. With so many unknowns in regarding to vaccines and the airlines, jumping in the car just may be a lot easier. But where will you go? ... [ Read More ]
A Date Day, Loveland, Colorado-Style. HeidiTown (5)
Colorado, Travel

A Date Day, Loveland, Colorado-Style: A Date with Dusty Lady

I am sick and tired of the phrases “unprecedented times” and “new normal.” however, I do know why writers use them and it’s not just because we’re being lazy. It gets written because it’s true. Times are bizarre, uncommon, unparalleled… ... [ Read More ]
Where Romance & Moonlight Meet, Ramona Cottage, Cascade (1)
Colorado, Travel, Wyoming

Where Romance & Moonlight Meet: Three Road Trips for Romance

It’s hard to tell the days apart when you are a freelancer and business owner. Ryan has been working a lot of weekends right now. Thankfully, he has the work and I am not traveling, but this does make most ... [ Read More ]
The 5 Best Things in 2020 HeidiTown.com
Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming

The 5 Best Things in 2020

I started writing my annual year in review post and then stopped. It was depressing, I mean, really depressing. No one wants to read that. We all know that 2020 had more than its fair share of heartaches. So I ... [ Read More ]
How to Drink Beer Outside & Save Small Businesses. HeidiTown (6)

How to Drink Beer Outside & Save Small Businesses

Most of us don’t milk cows or forage for our own food as we once did. We shop in warm grocery stores and sleep under down comforters. We’ll aprés-ski outdoors at a ski slope around a roaring fire pit to ... [ Read More ]
Schlaefer Beer Tasting 1-001
Colorado, Festivals

A Christmas Beer Tasting (even a root beer tasting for the kids)

Originally published in “Christmas in Berthoud” for the Berthoud Surveyor Colorado is the land of beer festivals. On any given summer weekend, during a non-pandemic year, there are at least three beer events occurring somewhere in the state. Coloradans have ... [ Read More ]
4 Reasons to Visit Fairplay, Colorado. HeidiTown (6)

4 Reasons to Visit Fairplay, Colorado

I’ve been visiting the South Park region of Colorado for nearly 20 years. You see, there’s a family cabin there so we “escape” the Front Range occasionally and head for the hills. While we spend a lot of time relaxing ... [ Read More ]
Ryan’s Travel Memories from the Road (Fishing in Saratoga, Wyoming). HeidiTown.com
Dining, Travel, Wyoming

Ryan’s Travel Memories from the Road (Drift Fishing in Saratoga, WY)

I am not traveling right now and for the last of couple of weeks, I’ve written about my travel memories from the road. I’ve been the Mayor of HeidiTown for a long time, so I have more than a few ... [ Read More ]