Denver Christkindl Market Heidi selling schnapps under the holiday tent.

I visited downtown Denver during the holidays for the first time 14 years ago.  I  had just moved to Littleton from Washington State with my then boyfriend, now husband, who had grown up in Colorado. We visited Larimer Street, and with its canopy of lights and dressed up storefronts I fell in love with Denver during the Christmas season. We have made it a tradition to do at least one

Hotel de Paris, Georgetown, Colorado.

We stumbled into the Hotel de Paris while on a trip to Georgetown for my birthday five years ago. As readers know, I’m a fan of museums and we try to patronize as many as possible in our travels around Colorado. An hour and a half later, Hotel de Paris was my favorite museum in Colorado. Our docent had brought the place alive for me (evidence that a good museum

The Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont, Colorado. HeidiTown (4)

The Agricultural Heritage Center at the Lohr/McIntosh Farm I am nostalgic for farm life. I don’t know why. I did grow up in a small town where black and white cows outnumbered people, but I did not grow up on a farm. Perhaps I was a farmer’s daughter in a former life. I have no idea, but when I walk into a place like The Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont,

Colorful Colorado History Colorado museum mints.

I’ve always lived in the west with the exception of a short year spent in the Midwest during college. I love the west. I love our “can do” attitude and laid back manners, and I thought I knew a lot about this region of our country. I am well-versed in cowboy legends and Native American lore. Our mining history is something I’ve learned a lot about since moving to Colorado

Heidi & Ryan at Passport to Paris at the Denver Art Museum.

Painting is not at all an abstract conception, elevated above history . . .it is part of the social consciousness, a fragment of the mirror in which the generations each look at themselves in turn, and as such it must follow society step by step. –Jules-Antoine Castagnary, art critic, 1863 Earlier this week we spent a night in Paris. Well, not exactly in Paris proper, but at the Denver Art

Ryan at the MythBusters exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Science is cool I grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy and Nova specials with my dad. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that science is cool. The newest exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science proves that hypothesis. Science is way cool. Most of you are familiar with the MythBusters, a team of uber cool nerds who test urban legends in real life scenarios

Belgian Horse at Timberlane Farm Museum HeidiTown

Collections at museums often represent snapshots from different places and different people. To find a collection of historical artifacts from one family is rare. To find them at the farm where the family lived for more than 100 years is even rarer. This is what makes Timberlane Farm Museum in Loveland, Colorado so special. The farm has been in the same family since 1860, when Judge W.B. Osborn and his

Beoming Van Gogh HeidiTown

We finally made it to see  Becoming Van Gogh  at the Denver Art Museum. This exhibition is being held in Denver only and the art is on loan from more than 60 public and private collections around the world. “I’m an artist… those words naturally imply always seeking without ever fully finding.” ~Van Gogh The exhibit explores van Gogh’s evolution as an artist through more than 70 of his paintings,

DMNS Pompeii

I am a museum junkie, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is one of my favorites. I love the smell of a museum, the lighting, and the sense that I am learning something new just by being in the building. Ancient history has never had a big draw for me, so I wasn’t particularly overjoyed to hear that the Pompeii exhibition was coming to Denver. But, of course,

Yves Saint Laurent_ Black dress w-pink bow-photo by Gilles Tapie

My husband and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage in style. We spent a high-end Denver weekend with a trip to the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and a stay at the Brown Palace Hotel. Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum I sport a rather laidback Colorado style, so folks may be surprised that as a little girl I filled binders