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Featured Festival Loveland Oktoberfest 2022 HeidiTown (100)
Colorado, Festivals, September

Featured Festival: Loveland Oktoberfest 2022

It’s Loveland Oktoberfest at Fairgrounds Park, a time to celebrate the end of summer with good friends, a few pints and a little polka. September 16-17 Friday (4 p.m. to 10 p.m.) & Saturday (12 p.m. to 10 p.m.)  Fairgrounds ... [ Read More ]
Where to Stay in Vail, Colorado Manor Vail Lodge. HeidiTown (10)
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Where to Stay in Vail, Colorado: Manor Vail Lodge

We were in Vail to eat and drink. We were attending Taste of Vail, an event that I love. Manor Vail Lodge had offered to host me, so we were all set for this three-night eating and drinking extravaganza. Little ... [ Read More ]
The Craziest Winter Sport in Colorado: Skijoring
Colorado, Contest, Festivals

The Craziest Winter Sport in Colorado: Skijoring

kijorkijorUpdated: 12-27-22 There is nothing more beautiful than watching a horse gallop with a rider magically floating in the saddle. And we’ve watched a lot of good skiers lately, on the televised Olympics in 2022. The way they seem to ... [ Read More ]
What the World Needs Now Sweetheart Festival, Loveland, Colorado 2
Colorado, February, Festivals

What the World Needs Now: Sweetheart Festival, Loveland, Colorado

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” -Hal David, 1965 After the last couple of years, we could use a festival dedicated to love. That’s what the Sweetheart Festival is all about. I am excited about the event ... [ Read More ]
What's New in Steamboat Springs + OktoberWest Fun. HeidiTown (2)
Colorado, dog, Festivals, September, Travel

What’s New in Steamboat Springs + OktoberWest Fun

I should disclose that I have been to Steamboat Springs more than once. Okay, a lot of times. One of my best friends lives there and so I’ve been going long before HeidiTown was a thing.   That being said, I ... [ Read More ]
Taste of Vail 2021, photo by Zach Mahone (used with permission)
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Vail in Autumn: Lots of Lamb, Lots of Wine, Lots of Fall Color

If you haven’t visited Vail in the fall, it’s where summer and autumn collide in the most appealing way. Brightly colored flowers fill brimming flower boxes while pops of yellow appear on the mountain. Shadows of petals and bronze sculptures ... [ Read More ]
Fun With Your Fur Friend in Fickle Park, Berthoud, Colorado. Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2
Colorado, Festivals, September

Fun With Your Fur Friend in Fickle Park, Berthoud, Colorado

Did you know that 75% of Americans own at least one dog? I believe it because, at one point, we were the only people on our block with one dog, everyone else had two! And now for an unhappy statistic ... [ Read More ]
Five Reasons to go to Hot Rock & Rumble at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway
August, Colorado, Festivals

Five Reasons to go to Hot Rock & Rumble at Pikes Peak Int’l Raceway

You don’t need to love the sounds of motors revving and the smell of exhaust… but if you do, you simply have to go. Pikes Peak International Raceway is in Fountain, Colorado, just minutes south of Colorado Springs. The raceway ... [ Read More ]
The Barbarian Feast Fur, Fun, Food and Beer, HeidiTown (12), HeidiTown
Contest, Festivals, October

The Barbarian Feast: Fur, Fun, Food and Beer

It’s that time again, time for the barbarian hordes to take over Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland, Colorado.  Sponsored by Grimm Brothers and benefiting the American Legion, Post 2000, this will be the fourth year of fur, fun and food ... [ Read More ]
Bites of Lamb, Sips of Wine The Taste of Vail Goes On. HeidiTown (4)
Colorado, Festivals, September

Bites of Lamb, Sips of Wine: The Taste of Vail Goes On

Each year, I eagerly look forward to Taste of Vail. Unfortunately, the April 2020 event was cancelled and then, in 2021, it was postponed. A quieter event has emerged, and this September 16-18, guests will enjoy a combination of Taste ... [ Read More ]