Colorado Haunted Attractions (Halloween 2011)

Updated for 2011
It’s October and that means Halloween is just around the corner.

Now I’ll be honest, the Mayor of HeidiTown (that’s me) isn’t a huge fan of haunted attractions. In fact, I’m a big chicken. The movie “The Ring” kept me awake for weeks. However, I realize a lot of you enjoy having the piss scared out of you so I’ve decided to compile a list of Colorado’s haunted attractions.

First, here’s a little trivia. According to Wikipedia there are estimated to be over 1,500 haunted attractions in the United States, attracting 12,000,000 guests per year. This doesn’t count the haunted houses run by non-profits in order to raise money for charity. This is a real business and the business plan is to scare your pants off!

So without further ado, here’s a list of haunted attractions around Colorado sure to make you scream:

Scream Theme Studio’s Battle of the Haunted Houses

Fort Collins, Colorado at the Foothills Mall (215 E. Foothills Parkway)

$17, will get you into both attractions

This is the longest running haunted attraction in Northern Colorado, and the only one I’ve experienced.

Two haunted attractions have been battling it out at this location for 21 years. First up, Destination Terror. Enter the world of Baron Eric Rodenheiser, where monsters and the undead lurk around every corner and inside every wall. From personal experience I’d advise you not to tell anyone your name – you have been warned.

The second attraction at this location is The Nightmare Experiment. Here’s a place where there IS a monster under your bed! Hold on to your teddy bear and get ready for a creepy walk through this frightening attraction sure to induce bed wetting.

For hours and directions visit


The Haunted House

1-25 & 120th in Northglenn, Colorado

$13.95 to $19.95

In it’s second year, The Haunted House promises to scare you on a really, really big scale. The people who built this haunted attraction have a long haunted house history in the Denver area and they want this new attraction to be their scariest yet.   For more information visit

13th Street Manor

5585 E. 64th, Commerce City, Colorado


The Web site for this production isn’t very explanatory, but it looks like this haunted attraction will deliver on screams. For hours and directions visit

The Reinke Brothers’ Haunted Mansion

5336 S. Prince St., Littleton, Colorado


This haunted attraction claims to be the longest running haunted house in Denver and this month they are celebrating their 37th year. This attraction features cutting edge special effects and animatronics, and has been endorsed by Greg Moody, entertainment reporter for Channel 4 News.

For more information and hours visit


108th & Old Wadsworth in Westminster, Colorado

$20 includes general admission to both haunted houses

There are two haunts at this location.  I got scared just looking at their Web site, so for info visit

Hearts & Horses Haunted House

163 N. County Road 29, Loveland, Colorado


Get scared for a good cause at this rural haunted attraction. Hearts & Horses is a non-profit with a mission to help people through equine assistance therapy. I’ve written articles on this organization in the past and it holds a special place in my heart.

This haunted house has a short run, October 21-22 and 28-29, so put it on your calendar and prepared to experience some paranormal activity at Hearts & Horses.  You may think because this is a fundraiser for a nonprofit that it might not be terribly scary – you’d be wrong.  Located in an actual house, I toured this place last year during the day and don’t even think I could make myself do it at night!!! For more information visit Hearts & Horses.

Scream Acres & Fritzler Maze

20861 HWY 85, LaSalle, Colorado

Ages 11+ Combo Tickets $20

Ages 5 to 10, Combo Tickets $15

Did the movie “Signs” make your skin crawl? This is an outdoor haunted attraction sure to make you run for cover. This location features a field or horrors where you may come upon terrifying scenes ripped straight from the movies.

Want to experience the terror of being lost in a freaky cornfield? Visit for more information.

Decimation Haunted House

Centennial Promenade, Englewood, Colorado

Regular Admission $15

Quick Death Admission $22

This haunted house is presented by the Mangled Maniacs. Yikes. Enough said!

Visit them at where you can watch a YouTube video of this freak show. Of course, I didn’t watch the video because I’m sure it’s too scary for me!

The 13th Door

3184 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado

$15.95/$14.95 with a can of food for donation

This haunted attraction has been voted one of the top thirteen haunted houses in the United States and they claim to be the BEST-haunted house in the Denver area. Complete with live actors and top notch technology, this place promises to scare you out of your mind.

For hours and other information visit… if you dare.

Spider Mansion

18301 Colfax Avenue, Golden, Colorado (inside Heritage Square)

General Admission $15/VIP $25

Are you afraid of spiders? This is a 5,000 square foot haunted house with live actors and live spiders. Actually, I have no idea if there are live spiders, but I suspect there will be life-like spiders all over this place.  This particular haunted house seems to sell itself as being a little more friendly for the wee ones. For more information visit, and don’t forget the Raid!

Note from the Mayor: Of course, there are many more haunted houses and haunted attractions around the State. Be sure to check out the Comment Section below for even more Colorado haunted attractions!!!

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