An interesting development

Today on one of the morning shows something interesting caught my attention.  This technology is right around the corner:  If your car has an On Star System   and for some reason the police want to pull you over, they can simply call On Star, give them your tag information and ask them to stop your car.   They  are looking for technologies to install this into every car  in the country.    

Chatting at work today we realized that this would be an ideal way to for the government to control travel.   They  could simply decide that “today is a no-travel day” and  have the police  departments turn  off our cars.    So maybe that’s not in the immediate future, but if we don’t stop these instrusive behaviors when they are seemingly small, they will just get bigger and bigger.    

Beware  and  be aware of what YOUR  government (on all levels) is doing.  

Also, if some of you have been noticing an increase of police on the streets in Larimer County – it’s no illusion.   The City of Loveland alone has budgeted $48,000,000 for the Loveland Police Department for the year 2008.   In a town of 60,000 that means $800 per person for police service in 2008.   Notice I call it police services, because the only thing they seem to be protecting lately are their own jobs.   With a first offense Colorado DUI costing approximately $15,000 and with a person issued a speeding ticket at every corner, can some one please tell me why the police need a $48,000,000 budget??   It’s seems to me their doing a good job collecting their own budget.

Note:   As I was pushing “publish” I can hear a siren going by outside.   We live near a highway that has become a major speed trap lately (it’s even trapped us – $100 speeding ticket last month).   Some poor soul has just added their share to the $48,000,000.

You knew it was coming…

My first blog entry.   Some of you may be amazed that it has taken me this long to start a blog.   I am a woman of many opinions and what a great place to share them with the world!   I cannot disclose the location of the photo above, but I did take the photo.   It’s our “secret” camping spot (somewhere in the Rocky Mountain region).  

 I am going to use this blog to stay in touch with the world (friends and family)  and eventually I want to mold it into a review blog.   I have been writing book reviews for a local paper for almost a year and through this process have discovered I enjoy reviewing books and want to include other reviews, such as restaurants, movies and more.

 I haven’t quite figured out how this blog site works, so bear with me, I do intend to get it all worked out.  

 Hope you are all having a lovely Monday.   It’s a glorious fall day here in Colorado and my birds are busy raiding the bird feeder – I put it up one week ago and I’ve already had to fill it four times!   Finches are pigs.

House finches at my  feeder


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