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Another review posted!

I actually managed to post 3 new reviews today. Please check them out under Movie Reviews. Or click below to see what I thought of Gone Baby Gone. -Gone Baby Gone « Heidi of the Rockies

Heidi of the Rockies

I need to quit promising reviews here and just start getting them done! After a great weekend partying in Steamboat Springs (thanks to Ben & Kiki for a good time), I’m back at it! I have just written a movie reviews of Michael Clayton, starring George Clooney and  Into the Wild, based on the book by the same name by Jon Kraukauer.   Both are in theaters now.   Read

Busy Week

We have had a tremendously busy week and I haven’t gotten around to writing my reviews yet.   We did manage to squeeze in a movie this week (Into the Wild) which just happens to be a favorite book of mine.    Sean Penn directed the movie and I think he did a pretty good job at staying on target with the book (by Jon Kraukauer).   We are off

Book Review: The Age of Innocence & A Room with a View

Dust off those classics ~ they deserve another chance   In this fast pace world of cell phone, Ipods and virus videos it is easy to forget about classics.   You know the classics; those books collecting dust on your bookshelf, behind the best-sellers you bought because Oprah liked it or because you liked the attractively decorated cover.   I want to share two of my favorite books, they both

October 17, 2007

Fall in Colorado I took this photo yesterday on my daily walk.   I was going to use it as my new header photo, but can’t bring myself to get rid of the gorgeous mountain photo.   I am going to be MIA for a few days.   We are headed to Houston to visit Ryan’s uncle and aunt.   It’s  suppose to be 90 in Houston tomorrow!   It

Two New Reviews

GO ROCKIES!!      What a great day to be a Colorado Rockies fan! I   have posted two new reviews under Restaurant Reviews  and Movie Reviews. Please feel free to leave me comments!!