How We Ended up in Minturn, Colorado & Why You Might Want to Go

Sometimes the best part of traveling is when something unexpected occurs. Even getting stuck on Vail Pass in a snowstorm can result in a nice long soak at Glenwood Hot Springs, which is what happened to us in 2014.

It wasn’t a snowstorm that brought us unexpectedly to Minturn last month – it was Record Store Day. If you are an avid collector of vinyl, like my husband, Ryan, you know that this is an important day. It only happens once a year and vinyl nerds do not miss it.

How we ended up in Minturn, Colorado & Why You Might Want to Go. HeidiTown (6)

However, having been laid out flat with the flu for the week leading up to our Vail trip, Ryan had forgotten that Record Store Day was the Saturday we’d be 150 miles away from his hometown record store.

Thankfully, while browsing the Vail Daily over a beer at Vail Brewing on a Friday afternoon, Ryan realized the Record Store Day was the following day. Where in the world could he participate in Record Store in the Vail Valley? Continue reading

The World’s Best French Fries may have the help of divine intervention

If you give me the choice between a banana split and a plate of fries, I’ll take the fries every time. I love French fries. I know it is not  the most healthy food choice, but when consumed in moderation they make me insanely happy, especially the fries from Light House Café in Berthoud, Colorado.

I’ve been going to Light House Cafe for as long as I’ve been writing at the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor (that’s about 3 ½ years),  so I’ve had these fries on more than one occasion.

My husband likes to meet me there on Wednesdays for the Slider Special – three sliders, a pile of fries and a drink for $5.50. Seriously, it’s a hell of a deal, and that is an ironic way to describe it because Light House Café is located inside Grace Place, a non-denominational church.

Light House serves breakfast and lunch, and lately, with swimsuit season fast approaching, I’ve been trying their salads, which are fresh and delicious. My recent favorite is the Greek Salad, consisting of thinly sliced gyro meat over a bed of spinach with olives, tomatoes and feta. Delicious. But I do continue to steal fries from my husband’s plate. I just can’t help myself. These fries are insanely good and addictive.

Why? Perhaps it is divine intervention, but most likely it is because they are fresh, hand cut fries. I’d highly recommend giving Light House a try and don’t forgo an order of fries. You will not be disappointed.

For their entire menu, location and business hours, visit LIGHT HOUSE’s WEB SITE.

Note: Light House has free Wi-Fi and opens at 7 a.m.

Mad about Mandolin Cafe

Stoll Vaughan b&w

Stoll Vaughan at Mandolin Cafe in Loveland, Colorado on February 11, 2010. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer

I recently discovered Mandolin Cafe  at 210 East 4th Street in Loveland, Colorado.   This relatively new addition to downtown, is a funky coffee shop  with a musical soul.

Last Thursday evening,  Stoll Vaughan, a singer/songwriter and stellar guitarist  played a free show  at Mandolin Cafe. Vaughan had approached owner Alex Zoll about playing at the  coffee shop  after Vaughan opened for The Elders at The Rialto Theater in Loveland, back in January.

Vaughan, equipped with a mic, speaker, harmonica  and a couple guitars, played songs off his “Love Like a Mule” and “The Weatherman” CDs,  as well as  a few  other tunes.   He also spent time chatting with the audience.

Mandolin Cafe is a great venue for true music lovers  because it’s an intimate setting –  the  audience really feels the music and the musician  is able to  interact with the audience.

The cafe also has a wide variety of coffee, smoothies and shakes,  as well as breakfast items, sandwiches, salads and even a kids menu. Our table ordered the Chicken Pesto Panini ($5.99) and Italian Panini ($5.99). Both were delicious.

We will definitely be back to Mandolin Cafe – for the music and the food.

See  Mandolin Cafe’s  entire musical line up at  or find them on Facebook.

Listen to Stoll Vaughan at

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I highly recommend The Lyric Cinema Cafe

I have recently added this  establishment to my Blog Roll.

It’s called the Lyric Cinema Cafe and it is located at 300 E. Mountain Ave. in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I am currently writing an article about this cinema for the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor and will post it here when it runs.

This cinema shows great artistic movies you will not be able to find anywhere else in Northern Colorado.  The food is delicious and  I highly recommend the Cheese Platter paired with a chardonnay or a local microbrew.

Please check them out:   LYRIC CINEMA CAFE



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