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"Julie & Julia" the perfect excuse for a girls' night

As my girlfriends will tell you, I need no  excuse to organize a girls’ night out, but “Julie  & Julia,” coming to theaters this Friday, is the perfect excuse! For a  brief, yet wonderful,  moment in time, I belonged to a recipe club. At our first “club” meeting, we spent three delightful hours talking about all things food-related: our favorite televisions chefs, our culinary inspirations and our cooking success and

Truly Tasty Television

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Around the World on an Empty Stomach  (book cover) Anthony Bourdain is a chef and best selling  author who has been turned his food expertise into a popular Travel Channel  show called, “Anthony Bourdain No Reservations.” The show is  currently  entering its  fifth season.  This is not your grandma’s cooking show, nor is it an average travel show. Bourdain has drank and smoked his way around