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Eat All the Things in Grand Junction, Colorado. Farmers' Market. HeidiTown.com

Let’s face it, many people who grew up on Colorado’s Front Range tend to think of Grand Junction as that far away cowtown town that’s practically in Utah. Of course, that reputation has slowly been changing thanks in part to the growing popularity of and interest in local food. Colorado’s western slope is a place where local food has been a way of life long before it became trendy. It

SkyPilot Farm & Creamery, Chloe & Heidi the Sheep. HeidiTown.com

Sometimes the universe has a funny way of working things out. This is one of those instances. As some of you already know, earlier this year, The Living Farm in Paonia, Colorado named one of their spring lambs after me. Longtime readers should be familiar with The Living Farm as I’ve written about it here on HeidiTown.com. I was very honored by this gesture and was able to meet Heidi