HeidiTown Rant: Stupid Parents

  I do not believe in nannyism. For instance, I am vehemently opposed to the idea of giving an R rating to any movie where the actors smoke, more on that topic at a later date. I do not think we need to pass legislation on the following issue, but parents need to wake up to their duties. My concern is over the outright stupidity of parents who bring their

HeidiTown Rant: Oh how Hollywood loves Hollywood

Now that the Golden Globe nominees have been announced, I am inspired to blog about my disappointment in this year’s movie award season. I’ve never been a fan of the Golden Globes. I feel it’s the dumb kid brother to the more grown up and classy Academy Awards. That being said, this year the Academy has decided to dumb down too. They’ve decided to amend the Best Picture category to

HeidiTown Rant: Leave your screaming kids at home

It’s another HeidiTown rant, and it’s about time.  A year and a half  has past  since  I wrote a rant, about cell phones in theaters. Today it’s kids and babies in theaters, though the cell phone problem hasn’t gotten any better. I’m not talking about children at cartoon movies. I’m talking about kids at the movies I go to – primarily PG13 or R movies with adult themes. I cannot

Heidi Town Rant: Turn your Cell Phone OFF

If you can’t find the off button, I’ll find it for you. Everyone agrees, it is annoying when a cell phone rings during a movie.   However, it seems text messaging or playing games on a cell phone is acceptable.   I am here to tell you IT IS NOT!   Why is it so difficult  to  turn off your cell phone for two hours?   That is only 120