March Madness 2011

March Madness is upon us, and I have no doubt people across the country have been furiously filling out their office brackets by either using an educated method or by using my method – going with my gut. Basketball is a lot of fun to watch in person, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the sport. Nevertheless, every March I faithfully fill out my bracket, always picking Gonzaga

Modern day wild west portrayed in "Justified" on FX

“Justified” caught my eye because it stars one of my favorite sheriffs. Timothy Olyphant, formerly Sheriff Seth Bullock on the HBO series “Deadwood“ is back as a modern day gunslinger in this new drama on FX. Olyphant stars as US Marshall Raylan Givens, a man reminiscent of Olyphant’s former character, Seth Bullock. Givens is a tough lawman, who plays by his own rules and wears a white hat. In last

For the love of vampires

The People’s Choice Awards were last night and apparently the people like vampires. Despite their blood-sucking ways, the creatures of the night won big, and they’d better relish it, because this is the only awards show where “Twilight“ will walk away with Best Movie. This is slightly confusing, because technically, “Twilight“ came out in 2008, but who cares about technically?  This is the People’s Choice Awards! The “Twilight“ franchise and

Star Trek "“ boldly going or a timid try?

My father was a fan of the original “Star Trek” series, and introduced my brother and me  to Captain Kirk and Spock when we were still wee children.   But it wasn’t the original series that held my unswerving attention. As an adolescent I was a huge fan of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”   I’ve seen every episode at least twice and in an admission of my inner-geek, I

Out of Love with "Heroes"

Am I the only person not excited about this season’s “Heroes?” I recorded last night’s season opener and just watched it.  I loved this show during the first season. The second season was okay, and now it looks like all the characters are going to switch sides  – the good guys/gals become the villains and the villains become good guys/gals. Quite frankly, I just don’t care any more. The storyline

Totally Terrific Television is Just Around the Corner!

It’s almost here.   We’ve waited all summer for our favorite programs and our wait is nearly over. There are only a couple shows I’m really excited about.   The first one is “Pushing Up Daisies.”   This clever, outside-the-box show was hit hard by the writers’ strike.   I wasn’t sure it would make it out alive (punny, if you watch the show), but apparently it has.   The