North Platte, Nebraska Trains, Trains and more Trains. Golden Spike Tower. HeidiTown (8)
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North Platte, Nebraska: Trains, Trains and more Trains

Our last day in North Platte was a whirlwind. After our outing to see the cranes by bus, we went to the Golden Spike Tower. Some of you have seen the signs for this attraction. I know because you tweeted ... [ Read More ]
The North Platte Canteen World War II History I Never Knew,, Featured Photo
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The North Platte Canteen: World War II History I Never Knew

Several people have asked me, “Why are you traveling to Nebraska? You live in Colorado.” In some ways, I do understand the question. There is little doubt that Colorado is beautiful. It’s the Rocky Mountain state with some of the ... [ Read More ]
Dance Fighting in North Platte, Nebraska Prairie Chicken Tour. HeidiTown (8)
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Dance Fighting in North Platte, Nebraska: Prairie Chicken Tour

We got up in the wee hours of the morning. That means early, real early. 5:30 a.m. early. Normally, I get up two hours later so let’s just say I was a little loopy. We grabbed fruit from our hotel’s ... [ Read More ]
Commune with Nature Birds in North Platte with Dusty Trails. (6)
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Commune with Nature: Birds in North Platte with Dusty Trails

Hold on to your hats, I am going to write about birds. However, you don’t have to be working on your “list” or be a bird nerd like me in order to enjoy these outings. This is about more than ... [ Read More ]
Hot Tubs & Horses at Vista Verde Ranch in Colorado
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Hot Tubs & Horses at Vista Verde Ranch in Colorado

We had just boarded the Feed Sleigh on our last day at Vista Verde Ranch, when wrangler Maddie, asked me what my favorite experience had been at the ranch. I thought about it and answered honestly, “Sitting in the hot ... [ Read More ]
On The Road Again Vista Verde Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. HeidiTown (5)
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On The Road Again: Vista Verde Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This was my first official HeidiTown trip since the beginning of October and this was not at all like riding a bike. We were okay at the traveling bit and we enjoyed each experience to the absolute fullest. Turns out, ... [ Read More ]
I Want To Get Away How to Get Away Without Leaving Town (6)

I Want To Get Away: How to Get Away Without Leaving Town

I have written multiple times about being a tourist in your own town, but that was before this world-wide pandemic. We’ve all been stuck in our own towns for a year now and I have little doubt that you’re sick ... [ Read More ]
A Date Day, Loveland, Colorado-Style. HeidiTown (5)
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A Date Day, Loveland, Colorado-Style: A Date with Dusty Lady

I am sick and tired of the phrases “unprecedented times” and “new normal.” however, I do know why writers use them and it’s not just because we’re being lazy. It gets written because it’s true. Times are bizarre, uncommon, unparalleled… ... [ Read More ]
Where Romance & Moonlight Meet, Ramona Cottage, Cascade (1)
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Where Romance & Moonlight Meet: Three Road Trips for Romance

It’s hard to tell the days apart when you are a freelancer and business owner. Ryan has been working a lot of weekends right now. Thankfully, he has the work and I am not traveling, but this does make most ... [ Read More ]
Ryan’s Travel Memories from the Road (Fishing in Saratoga, Wyoming).
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Ryan’s Travel Memories from the Road (Drift Fishing in Saratoga, WY)

I am not traveling right now and for the last of couple of weeks, I’ve written about my travel memories from the road. I’ve been the Mayor of HeidiTown for a long time, so I have more than a few ... [ Read More ]