Grounds 'n Rounds (Loveland, CO)


216 E. 29th Street, Loveland, CO

Hours  7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Noteworthy: They make their own bagels.

Heidi’s Illustrious Rating: 5

What is better than a breakfast of warm bagels and hot coffee? How about an egg and sausage bagel with gooey cheese or an egg and avocado bagel with gooey cheese? I have  been a patron of Grounds ‘n Rounds for many years and I am always happy with quality and service.

Grounds ‘n Rounds is a family operated  cafe with  a talent for making good, fresh, fast food at reasonable prices. All breakfast bagel sandwiches are under $5 and  the most expensive lunch bagel sandwich is only $6.55.

My favorite breakfast  item is the Green Chile bagel served with sausage and cheese ($4.65). My husband likes the  Meat Lover’s  topped with egg, ham, sausage, bacon and cheese ($4.95). We always order regular coffee (which is very good,  with  free refills),  but there are  espresso drink options as well. For lunch I opt for  the Jen’s Favorite  bagel sandwich.  This delightfully fresh tasting  sandwich comes with Grounds ‘n Rounds famous SPAG (spinach,  Parmesan,  artichoke and garlic cream cheese), lettuce, onion, sprouts, pickles, avocado, turkey and provolone.  There is a variety of other bagel sandwiches including BLAT, TBLT (turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato), Roast Beef  Melt and more. Of course, you may always make your own. The drink  menu is large and includes Italian sodas, ice tea, juices and sodas.

The best part – Grounds ‘n Rounds  makes their own bagels. The bagels  are the perfect combination of soft and chewy and include many unique varieties you won’t find at a typical chain bagel shop. My favorite is the cheddar jalapeno, but I also like the Swiss, and the Parmesan is always delicious. My husband sticks with the more usual cinnamon raisin and wheat.

Grounds ‘n Rounds is located in a non-descript strip-mall in the northern part of Loveland, but with its floor to ceiling front windows, it is a bright and cheery place to start your day. It is  also a  great place to pick up bagels for the office or grab a bag of day old bagels for only $2.40 (they taste great and last quite awhile).

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  1. Stephanie

    I totally agree … this is the best bagel around. I also tend to go for the cheesy bagels — toasted with regular cream cheese and slices of fresh tomato. The cool thing is, The Coffee Tree coffee shop serves up fresh Grounds ‘n Rounds bagels every morning. I’ve lost many a firm resolve to the intoxicating smell of bagels toasting in my bookstore!

  2. SM

    Here recently I found a woman working there (could be the owner) very rude.

    I had been going there for a long time and always used my visa debit/credit card purchasing the same bagel and cream cheese every time.

    On this particular visit, she was rude and told me I had to purchase a minimal amount to use my card. I told her I had always used my card there. She said, no you haven’t, this has always been our policy. Yep, she called me a liar!

    Not much love coming out of that place.

    I could send her statements SHOWING my purchases there!

    Anyway, she was rude, didn’t smile, and didn’t take initiative to save a customer.

    I won’t go there anymore because of her.

    Good luck Grounds N Rounds with a rude grouchy woman like that at the helm!

  3. SN

    Worst service ever! The owner is a totally rude women. During my visit she was rude and demining to not only her staff but the patrons as well. Over priced and not really even worth the only so so food or coffee. Skip this one!

  4. hmks

    SM & SN, sorry to hear about your experiences, but I stand by my review that these are the best bagels around. The bagels are served at various businesses around town and they continue to be delicious. I do know the prices have gone up (like everything), but I recently had take-out lunch there (several weeks ago). It was just as good as normal. I have not eaten-in at Grounds-n-Rounds for several months, but hopefully they are working to fix this “rudeness” issue.

  5. Ste

    Then owner of this place us the rudest business owner I have ever come in contact with. I know you say that you stand by your review but you should check out the reviews on google to see how many other people have had horrible experiences there. They should be run out of business. The food is not good enough to risk being treated horribly.

  6. Michelle

    While I do agree that the bagels are decent, not great, they are not worth being treated poorly. These two people, husband and wife, are the rudest owners I have ever met in Loveland, CO. I am from NY and it takes a lot to upset me during such a short amount of time, I mean, all you go in there to do is order a bagel and go on your way. It should be easy, and it shouldn’t put you in a sour mood.
    These people act as though they are doing YOU a favor to make a bagel and take your money. “Thank you” does not exist in their vocabulary.
    After my expierence today, which is probably the 10th time or more I have stopped there on my way to work, I will not go back. My coworkers have asked me to go as they refuse to deal with this couple based on their previous experience. They thought, being from NY, I could take the attitude and not get as upset as they have….WRONG. Also, after today my family will not patronize this business either as I took my mother and grandmother in with me and they were shocked.
    These people are jerks.

  7. Jess

    I agree with everyone on here. I LOVE the spag cream cheese and the bagels are very good. Their coffee is just satisfactory. The couple is very cold to me most of the time. I wasn’t sure if it was something I was doing or that they wake up before God to get the bagels ready.

    The husband just has a very flat, cold demeanor with no effort to be friendly. The wife has been friendly a only twice.

    If there were another close option for bagels or breakfast foods (and if that darn spag wasn’t so tasty) I’d stop going. I was going to boycott them for their crappy attitudes, but unfortunately Loveland has few other options.

  8. Dan

    Last time I was in Loveland, we were terrorized by our hosts, we had to sneak out really early in the morning and haven’t been back. These complaints about the bagel shop people don’t surprise me in the least. It’s something in the water. Or maybe from licking all those valentines day stamps.

  9. Tiff

    There is a reason Grounds N Rounds closed and it was for their poor attitude towards their customers. I was still sad to see them close and I heard they opened back up only to find that they didn’t.

    • SN

      100% on the nose Tiff. If this many people complained about the same two people at the helm it’s no surprise they went out of business.

  10. RK

    Did this place actually re-open and is it under new management? I am moving back to Loveland and I used to be a loyal customer. That is, until I came in with a Starbucks and the abrasive owner stopped me at the door and made a huge scene by refusing to let me in until I dumped the drink outside. I hadn’t even realized I brought coffee into another shop that serves coffee-I just wanted to grab a bagel and be on my way! I know it may have been possibly offensive on my part, but I meant no harm. It was humiliating and infuriating. Myself and the four friends I was with left immediately and never went back. We also told everybody we knew about the absolute witch who owned the place. I would love if the business could succeed under new management!

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