Cattle Drive Road Trip

I’m Your Huckleberry, A Cattle Drive Road Trip Steak in Nebraska. HeidiTown (4)

22 Years of Love Celebrated in McCook, Nebraska It’s no secret that I have a little soft spot for Nebraska. I didn’t grow up there and didn’t even visit until 2019. However, I’ve been going back every year since. Why? First, despite growing up thousands of miles west of Nebraska, the small towns there remind me of the one where I grew up; a rural, agricultural town, where everyone gave

I’m Your Huckleberry, A Cattle Drive Road Trip: The Reason Why

This May, for our anniversary, we took one of our literary-inspired road trips. This one has been on our minds since our Dust Bowl Road Trip in April 2022. That trip was motivated by the two of us reading books about the Dust Bowl like Timothy Egan’s “The Worst Hard Time.” By the time we took that trip, Ryan had begun listening to “Lonesome Dove” on Audible. From our hike

The Themed Road Trip: A Fun Way to Travel

A festival or event is a great reason to road trip, and I still do it, albeit less often these days. So, what gets us on the road? For some, it’s a visit to see family, but for many of us, we need a raison d’être or, in this case, a raison de faire un road trip! Ryan and I have been exploring themed travel (beyond festivals) for the last