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5 Reasons to go to a Keystone Festival this Summer. HeidiTown Wine & Jazz crowd shot
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5 Reasons to go to a Keystone Festival this Summer

We have been attending a Keystone Festival every summer since 2014, so I know a thing or two about these events. Keystone, Colorado Wine & Jazz Festival 2022 The 1st reason to attend one of the events is that they ... [ Read More ]
5 Good Reasons to Visit Keystone, Colorado, this Summer 2

5 Good Reasons to Visit Keystone, Colorado, this Summer

Hummingbirds fly through the air, a breeze blows gently from the creek, and a riot of colorful flowers spring from pots and gardens everywhere in the village. It’s just another summer day in Keystone, Colorado. The Colorado Rocky Mountains may ... [ Read More ]
Five Reasons to go to Hot Rock & Rumble at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway
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Five Reasons to go to Hot Rock & Rumble at Pikes Peak Int’l Raceway

You don’t need to love the sounds of motors revving and the smell of exhaust… but if you do, you simply have to go. Pikes Peak International Raceway is in Fountain, Colorado, just minutes south of Colorado Springs. The raceway ... [ Read More ]
Old Cars, Fast Cars & Pinups at Pikes Peak International Raceway. HeidiTown (15)
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Old Cars, Fast Cars & Pinups at Pikes Peak International Raceway

Earlier this month, we headed to Colorado Springs. To be accurate, our goal was Fountain, a town just south of Colorado Springs. It is home to Pikes Peak International Raceway, a place that was said to have the “fastest 1-mile ... [ Read More ]
Featured Festival Glenn Miller Swing Fest. Photo by Jon A Yamamoto
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Featured Festival: Glenn Miller Swing Fest, August 17-19, 2017

I think swing music is happy music, and that’s why I love the Glenn Miller Swing Festival in Fort Morgan, Colorado. This is a happy event that celebrates one of this town’s favorite sons, Glenn Miller. World famous big band ... [ Read More ]
Featured Festival Farm to Fiddle Summer Festival Jeneve Rose Mitchell courtesy photo
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Featured Festival: Farm to Fiddle Summer Festival, August 11-12, 2017

There are many things to love about the North Fork Valley of Delta County and the Farm to Fiddle Summer Festival (August 11-12, 2017) is at the top of that list. This festival was brand new last year, and from ... [ Read More ]
Featured Festival San Juan Brewfest HeidiTown (4)
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Featured Festival: San Juan Brewfest 2016

As most of my regular readers already know, beer festivals are a dime-a-dozen here in Colorado. So how does one decide which festival is worthy of their patronage? Check with me! Today I’m here to tell you that San Juan ... [ Read More ]
Farm to Fiddle Festival
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FEATURED FESTIVAL: Farm to Fiddle Festival, Hotchkiss, Colorado

This brand new festival is happening in one of my favorite places in the state, Delta County, Colorado. This bountiful area boasts farms, wineries, orchards, ranches and more. And Farm to Fiddle Festival is a celebration of everything this region ... [ Read More ]
9 and a half things to do at colorado renaissance Festival.
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Nine & a Half Things to Do at Colorado Renaissance Festival

Haven’t made it to the Colorado Renaissance Festival this year? Well, what’s stopping you? It’s time to saddle up the pony and head out. While there, I highly recommend doing these nine and a half things. 1. Gnaw on a ... [ Read More ]
Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016 win tickets. the royal court.
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Win tickets to Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016

This is my favorite HeidiTown giveaway because I love the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Ryan and I have been attended for nearly two decades together and Ryan’s been visiting since he was a kid. It’s a chance to escape reality for ... [ Read More ]