R is for Road Trip. Sangre Cristos in the San Luis Valley.
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R is for Road Trip: Itinerary for Denver to Cortez, Colorado

When we reach the other side of this pandemic, and we will, what will we do? I think people are going to want to move around, but they won’t be lining up at the airport. I predict this will be ... [ Read More ]
San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Wonderfully Wild Colorado & Beyond: Get Off-Grid

I work from home and go for days wearing only yoga pants and a sweatshirt. However, when I need social interaction, I head to the tea shop or bar. Coronavirus means that those businesses have been closed and I miss ... [ Read More ]
Traveling with a Dog The Importance of Dog Parks. (8)
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Traveling with a Dog: The Importance of Dog Parks

We recently spent seven days and six nights on the road. We spent three of those nights in Phoenix visiting my parents. Traveling south on Interstate 25. I’ve done a lot of road trips but just recently, all of them ... [ Read More ]
Food Fun in Fort Collins, Colorado Tacos & Benedict, Oh My. HeidiTown (9)
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Food Fun in Fort Collins, Colorado: Tacos & Benedict, Oh My

Eating is one of my favorite things… okay, it’s probably my favorite thing. The good part is that it appears to be your favorite thing too. So I can write about eating all the time and no one minds. The ... [ Read More ]
Take Your Furry Friend to Dog-Friendly Fort Collins, Colorado. HeidiTown (8)
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Take Your Furry Friend to Dog-Friendly Fort Collins, Colorado

Traveling with a dog changes a lot of things, but it can be done and it can be done well. Choosing the right city to visit with your fur friend is crucial and from dog-friendly accommodations to dog-friendly breweries and ... [ Read More ]
2019, A Year I’d Rather Forget, But… HeidiTown (Snowmass, Colorado)
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2019, A Year I’d Rather Forget, But…

This has been a rough year. I was diagnosed with Atypical Migraines in June after four visits to the emergency room in May. Today, months later, we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of why this is happening although the ... [ Read More ]
Road Trip Tenacity Our Two Day Drive to Vail, Colorado. HeidiTown (10)
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Road Trip Tenacity: Our Two Day Drive to Vail, Colorado

Road trips in Colorado require patience. Whether it is summer construction or winter pass closures, it takes a particular kind of composure to drive around this state. However, this road trip required tenacity. We were on our way to Revely ... [ Read More ]
Have A Puppy Get To The Riverwalk in Estes Park, Colorado. HeidiTown (3)
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Have A Puppy? Get To The Riverwalk in Estes Park, Colorado

We spent a lovely weekend at YMCA of the Rockies recently. We were in a cozy cabin with a fireplace and our puppy. I was excited to be a place that was dog-friendly. After all, YMCA of the Rockies welcomes ... [ Read More ]
Shopping in Salida, Colorado Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees. HeidiTown (13)
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Shopping in Salida, Colorado: Ballcaps, Bobbles & Bees

I am not a big shopper, but it is fun to go shopping while we are out and about in little towns across Colorado and beyond. On our trip to Salida, we had the puppy with us but still managed ... [ Read More ]
Fall in Love with Pueblo, Colorado, Part Two: Eating Around
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Fall in Love with Pueblo, Colorado, Part Two: Eating Around

I am going to tell you about the places we ate in Pueblo, although we definitely want to go back with eating as a priority. You see, this is an diverse town when it comes to food. There was a ... [ Read More ]