The Prettiest Drive in Colorado Denver to Durango. HeidiTown
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The Prettiest Drive in Colorado: Denver to Durango

For more than twenty years, we had a family cabin outside of Fairplay and some months, we’d go up twice. So, I have driven Highway 285 many times. However, that cabin has been sold for several years, and I am ... [ Read More ]
Affordable Snowmass Yes, You Can HeidiTown (10)
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Affordable Snowmass? Yes, You Can

This was our third trip to Snowmass, and I have finally discovered that Snowmass is Aspen. Yep, Snowmass does not have its own address. It is a part of Aspen. Now that I know, the restaurant prices make more sense ... [ Read More ]
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Travel Comes with the Unexpected: Stuck in Kearney, Nebraska

While HeidiTown Consulting continues to grow, I want to make it crystal clear that is still the place to come for road trips and festival stories. However, I’ve gone way too long without posting. I’ve been busy being stuck ... [ Read More ]
Luna Theatre, Clayton, New Mexico, HeidiTown

Downtown USA: Old Movie Theatre Love

There is one feature of many downtowns that always gets my attention and that is the old movie theatre (or theater). You know what I’m talking about. It is sometimes that boarded-up vintage building with a dirty, marque that reads: ... [ Read More ]
Two Nights & More Tacos in Tempe, Arizona. HeidiTown (1)
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Two Nights & More Tacos in Tempe, Arizona

This wasn’t a road trip. Occasionally, I get on a plane, and when I do, I usually write about it.  My college years are a time I remember fondly. Partly, because I was really, quite good at college, all of ... [ Read More ]
A Show in the Mountains Beaver Creek, Colorado HeidiTown (5)
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A Show in the Mountains: Beaver Creek, Colorado

Spending a weekend in Beaver Creek makes me feel like a fancy person, which I am not, but I play one at this Colorado ski resort. By the way, Beaver Creek Resort is in Avon, Colorado, one exit past Vail ... [ Read More ]
The Themed Road Trip: A Fun Way to Travel

The Themed Road Trip: A Fun Way to Travel

A festival or event is a great reason to road trip, and I still do it, albeit less often these days. So, what gets us on the road? For some, it’s a visit to see family, but for many of ... [ Read More ]
Food Memories from the Road. Gaetono's Italian Denver. HeidiTown

Food Memories from the Road

Food plays such a big role in our lives. Not only does it keep us alive, but it also plays a huge part when it comes to making memories. For instance, many of my travel memories are food-related.  Gaetono’s Italian ... [ Read More ]
Vail Vibes: Travel Colorado Style in the Mountains
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Vail Vibes: Travel Colorado Style in the Mountains

Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Vail quite a few times. However, before getting first-hand knowledge of the place, I had preconceived notions. Mainly, I thought of it as a little stuck-up. Vail ... [ Read More ]
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Seafood, Swings & Ocean Sounds. HeidiTown (7)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Seafood, Swings & Ocean Sounds

I am aware that this is a blog about road trips. However, I am a writer, and the few times I actually ride in planes, a story about the trip ends up on HeidiTown, even if I wasn’t planning an ... [ Read More ]