Alamosa, Colorado A James Beard Nomination & Taco Heaven. HeidiTown (16)

Alamosa, Colorado: A James Beard Nomination & Taco Heaven

Technically, this title is misleading. Yes, there is a James Beard nomination in the town, but it isn’t a taco joint, however, I’ll get to that later in the post. I wasn’t in Alamosa just to eat tacos. I mean, ... [ Read More ]
Not a Year in Review. Baby goat at AJ Farms in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. HeidiTown 3
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The Future is Here: Not Looking Back

I have not written a “year in review” post, and I’m not going to do it. Now that isn’t to say that there weren’t highlights. Most were animal-related. For instance, meeting kittens and puppies at Animal Aid of Colorado on ... [ Read More ]
Downtown Loveland: Where to Art, Eat & Drink
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Downtown Loveland: Where to Art, Eat & Drink

When we grew tired of city life in Denver, we bought the 1998 book, “100 Best Small Art Towns in America” by John Villani. Ryan went to art school and I am a writer. We wanted a town that was ... [ Read More ]
Light up the Holidays Green Chile & Hockey in Loveland, Colorado. HeidiTown (header)
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Light up the Holidays: Green Chile & Hockey in Loveland, Colorado

Most longtime citizens of HeidiTown know that I live in Loveland, Colorado. We moved here in 2003 from Denver, and have seen the area undergo a lot of changes. One of the best things that has happened to this region’s ... [ Read More ]
Wyoming Wind, Whiskey & a Birthday to Remember in Saratoga. Featured Photo
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Wyoming Wind, Whiskey & a Birthday to Remember in Saratoga

When I was growing up, in the Pacific Northwest, Wyoming meant Yellowstone. We spent several summers at this iconic National Park with its geysers and buffalo. However, as an adult, I realized that there was much more to the Cowboy ... [ Read More ]
The Best Block in Colorado, Maybe the World. HeidiTown (8)
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The Best Block in Colorado, Maybe the World

There is a block in Pueblo, Colorado, where I could live in the broom closet and be perfectly happy. I am talking about the block on North Main Street between West 3rd Street and the alley to the south.  Here, ... [ Read More ]
15 Years of HeidiTown (1)

15 Years of HeidiTown

Life before 2020 is still a little blurry, but thanks to Linkedin anniversary reminders, I know that HeidiTown turned 15 this month. All photographs are never before published photos of the Dust Bowl Road Trip. This is near Branson, Colorado ... [ Read More ]
BBQ Belt Road Trip 4,000 Delicious Miles, Part Two.

BBQ Belt Road Trip: 4,000 Delicious Miles, Part Two

Guest post by Mechelle Martz-Mayfield. Read part one here. MISSISSIPPI/LOUISIANA On the way from Tennessee to Louisiana, we drove through the corner of Mississippi, the most fun US state to spell in my opinion. If you happen to find yourself ... [ Read More ]
BBQ Best Road Trip Memphis TN HeidiTown 19

BBQ Belt Road Trip: 4,000 Delicious Miles, Part One

I am honored to be a guest blogger on the HeidiTown site and I hope to bring as much fun to my journey as Heidi does to hers. I will start by saying I’m no stranger to road trips and ... [ Read More ]
What's New in Silverthorne, Colorado Tacos, Tequila & More. HeidiTown (18)
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What’s New in Silverthorne, Colorado? Tacos, Tequila & More

I hadn’t realized how much I’d been missing the Colorado mountains this summer. There is just something extra special about the air, the flowers, the aspens. And this trip to Silverthorne, Colorado, was just what I needed. Happy Hour at ... [ Read More ]