Nine & a Half Things to Do at Colorado Renaissance Festival

Haven’t made it to the Colorado Renaissance Festival this year? Well, what’s stopping you? It’s time to saddle up the pony and head out. While there, I highly recommend doing these nine and a half things.

1. Gnaw on a Turkey Leg

There’s something about gnawing on a turkey leg that’s highly satisfying. Vegetarians, you can gnaw on a roasted artichoke instead, although I guarantee that it’s not nearly as fun.

9 and a half things to do at colorado renaissance Festival.

2. Catch a Show

The Colorado Renaissance Show curates their shows carefully and they are all very good. This year, The Washing Well Wenches have moved to the big stage, formerly the home of Puke & Snot. This is a longtime favorite of mine it’s nice to see these funny, irreverent ladies rewarded for their hard work.

Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016. HeidiTown (25)

Don’t miss Celtic Legacy – it’s a stage full of men in kilts – need I say more? Also, be sure to catch Acrobatrix. In their second year at the Renaissance Festival, These two acrobats take entertaining to new heights – literally.

3. People Watch

This year, I saw lots of princesses of all sizes and shapes, big-breasted pirates, Zelda, a Centaur, the Big Bad Wolf, and many miniature fairies. Who and what will you see at Colorado Renaissance Festival?

Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016. HeidiTown (6)

4. Pet an Alpaca

If you’ve been reading HeidiTown for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of barnyard animals, so the petting zoo at Colorado Renaissance Festival is always on my must-do list. It’s not just for kids – it’s also for gals named Heidi.

Colorado Renaissance Festival HeidiTown 73

5. Tip a Bar Wench

Because hearing, “Huzzah to the Tipper” ringing out across the festival grounds gives me a warm fuzzy and it will give you one too.

6. Buy Something Shiny

It’s fun to shop at Colorado Ren Fest because you’ll find things here that you won’t find anywhere else. This year, I purchased a sparkly ankle bracelet that chimes whimsically when I walk which makes me happy.

7. Wield a Sword

This may be the one place left in the United States where you can freely wield a sword or other medieval weapon without being arrested. But please, be responsible and don’t ruin it for everyone by being a numbskull.

This is not a sword. :-)
This is not a sword.

8. Banter with a Performer (updated 2019)

Originally, when I wrote this in 2016, I used the word heckle. This word has been interpreted to mean bullying and putting performers at risk. This was NEVER my intention. Never. I love the Renaissance Festival and have the utmost respect for people who perform on the stages there.

However, feel free to banter with performers if they seem to be the bantering type. For example, The Washing Well Wenches encourage banter with the crowd.

Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016. HeidiTown (7)

9. Throw a Tomato

If you are easily offended, this may not be the game for you. After all, political correctness has not penetrated the walls of Colorado Renaissance Festival and if you throw like a girl, the Tomato Justice guys will tell you so. But who cares? If you manage to hit one of those smug dudes, it will be well-worth the insults.

Colorado Renaissance Festival HeidiTown 18

9½. Share a Pickle

For many years now, Ryan and I have shared a cold, crisp pickle at Colorado Renaissance Festival. Why do we share? I guess half a pickle is better than no pickle at all.

9 and a half things to do at Colorado Renaissance Festival. eat a pickle.

The 43rd Annual Colorado Renaissance Festival is held in Larkspur, Colorado and runs June 15 through August 4, 2019. Visit the fest online at



  1. Yes! All of these things and more! I can’t wait to go!


  2. Thanks for coming to HeidiTown, Wes. By the way, that’s my little brother’s name!

    In no way to I endorse rude heckling, but I find that the majority of performers at Ren Fest want people to heckle in a funny way. By no means should people be rude, but a good ribbing of a performer is welcomed! After all, a lot of the performers heckle the crowd! I’ve been going to this festival for nearly 20 years (my husband has been going even longer). I think a funny heckle is what Ren Fest is all about.

    But I reiterate that rude or mean heckles are never welcomed in any situation.

    Also, I might add that heckling a musical performer is just weird, but the Washing Wenches? They start the silly heckling!


  3. I appreciate the feedback from performers.

    Perhaps I need to rethink the word “heckle” as it appears to have a negative connotation.

    In no way would I want an audience member to insult a performer or screw up their rhythm.

    I am intrigued to see that I should be ashamed of myself. Wow. That’s a bit harsh I think. I am a true fan of the people I see perform at Ren Fest and have great respect for anyone who puts themselves on a stage (including writers).


  4. Wow. Seems many performers specialize in beating a dead horse! LOL OK I’m sure on this article written 13 years ago, the author gets the point of your opinions. Have a happier day going forward. 🤷‍♀️✌🏻


    1. I sincerely hope someone writes an article encouraging people to endanger you at your job. If he truly understood what we are telling him and took it to heart he would remove the section of the article where he encourages people to endanger us, but he clearly has learned nothing and neither have you.


  5. Oh the nostalgia of reading your post of the Colorado Renaissance Festival. We will miss it again this year.

    I think some big stage performers are making their voices heard louder than the average performer that many patrons enjoy engaging with. I agree that “heckle” might be a bit harsh, but understood that you meant, you better come prepared with some “zingers” or “comebacks” to get the most out of your immersive experience. I think the Tomato Justice people set the mood of “heckling” and we all know it is in good fun. In fact, I bet if we interviewed all the performers, (servers, sellers, jugglers, wenches, comedians, etc.) they would offer a vastly different opinion than the few comments above. Maybe some of the prima donna performers need to tone down their critique and learn more about their audience.
    Although I do agree with the update, engage, interact, have zingers ready, heckle, whatever you call it, immerse yourself into the experience and have some fun!


  6. I am a big fan and looking forward to it this year! I get the message you are putting out and I like the list, though I really don’t agree with number 9.5.


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