Win tickets to Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016

This is my favorite HeidiTown giveaway because I love the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Ryan and I have been attended for nearly two decades together and Ryan’s been visiting since he was a kid. It’s a chance to escape reality for a day and enjoy a fantastical experience.

Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016 win tickets. the royal court.

The Royal Court, Colorado Renaissance Festival

We like to arrive at the festival grounds when the doors open so as to buzz through the stores before the mid-day throngs arrive. Plus, parking is easier earlier in the day.

Once the place gets busy with sword wielding outlaws and busty lassies pushing baby strollers, we order hard cider, our drink of choice at Ren Fest, and start the second part of our day – people watching (there is no better place for it).

Win tickets to the Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016 from

A fairy dancing in a fountain at Colorado Renaissance Festival.

At some point we find food (turkey legs, of course) and continue the people watching portion of our day. Food and drink prices have increased very little over the years at Colorado Renaissance Festival, a nice bonus for families who attend en masse.

win tickets to the Colorado Renaissance Festival from Turkey legs

Eventually we catch a show or two (the Washing Well Wenches are still my favorite), enjoying another cider and then, once we’re a bit sunburnt and our feet are good and dusty, we head home.

Win tickets to Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016.

Where else will you see a young fairy girl feeding a highland cow?

This summer is special because the Colorado Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary and the party lasts nine weekends. Each weekend has a theme such as wine, ale or children, but my favorite is Opening Weekend. There’s an extra special magic and energy about Opening Weekend that occurs June 11-12 this year.

Colorado Renaissance Festival takes place every weekend from June 11-12 through August 6-7, 2016. Tickets are $20.50 for adults, $9 children (ages 5-12) and free for children under five.

win tickets to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Begger man.

However, this blog post represents your chance to win a four-pack of tickets to Colorado Renaissance Festival that I will send out to the winner in time for him/her to use the tickets for whatever weekend they wish.

Enter below in the comment section telling me your favorite Colorado Renaissance Festival memory, or, if you’ve never attended, tell me why you’d like to attend this year. DON’T STOP READING NOW. THERE WILL BE MORE CHANCES TO WIN. READ TO THE END TO FIND OUT HOW!

Win tickets to the Colorado Renaissance Festival 2016. 1

A winner will be chosen at random using a Pick Giveaway Winner app. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, June 5 at 8 p.m. and will be notified via email immediately. They must respond by end of day Monday or another name will be chosen. Be sure to use an email address that you check frequently.

CONTEST NOW CLOSED, but please Note:

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  1. Lisa Hough

    I’ve never been! But we’re looking for more stay-cation ideas this summer and this sounds fun! I love your blog.

    • The Mayor

      Hi, Lisa! Thanks for your entry and thank you for the kind words. I hope HeidiTown will help with your summer stay-cation planning! Be sure to head over to my Facebook page and LIKE it because I’ll be giving more tickets away there in the very near future. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Kim L

    We took our children for our son’s birthday. It was absolutely amazing; we are dying to go back!! Loved the parade, food, shows and all the wonderful people. Hopefully we can dress up the next time we go.

    • The Mayor

      Thanks for your entry, Kim L. Every year we get to the Ren Fest and say, “We should dress up next year!” And then we never do. It would be super fun to go in full costume sometime, but that takes a lot of forethought and planning. 🙂 If you do, take a photo and share it on my Facebook page! Good luck!

  3. Katie Bishop

    Start your day with a ice cold beer, then walk 10 yards and chase it with a turkey leg. Of course, you’ll need another beer to put it down. Be respectful and responsible since there are families to boot, but hands down the best place to spend the day during the summer and people watch!

  4. Renee Curry

    I’d love to win tickets! I’ve never been to the renaissance fair and think it would be different to go. The closest I’ve been to anything like it was the horse show thing in Vegas at Excalibur. Ha! My 5 year old would probably love the animals.

  5. Liz Smith

    I’ve never attended, and would love to go! I’ve heard such great things, but never made it down. Would love to bring my kiddos to see something new!

  6. Shawn Spokes

    I would love to go- we have lived in larkspur for 10 years a shave never been. My daughters would love it.

  7. Shawna Spokes

    I would love to go- we have lived in larkspur for 10 years and have never been. My daughters would love it.

  8. Angela McKinney

    My family loves going and we have been going for three years. My favorite memory was last year when we went for the kids themed weekend. My daughter had a blast and it made me happy to see her so happy and care free.

  9. Beth Gallagher

    Oh we missed it last year as we waited too long to go! We were so sad to find out we missed it! I’ve been wanting to go for such a long time! My daughter goes and loves it so we were definitely planning on going early this year!! I love your posts been reading them for quite a while! Very informative!!! Thank you!!

  10. Lisa Haass

    I grew up in a Renaissance town in Germany and even though I had been living in the states for over 10 years I never got a chance to go the festival until last year. So my favorite memory is the fact that I went to the festival I had been wanting to go for so many years and I finally I got to see it AND I got to see it with my now fiance. Back then we were just dating and shortly after we had decided to get married. Our wedding is coming up and before it we want to go to this years Renaissance festival again. Do you think we can do a wedding registry with all the artisans and shop owners?

  11. Katie O

    I’ve been to one in FL but I am dying to take my girls to this one as we live locally and they would love to dress uo,at enter a magical world for a day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Tracey Devney

    I’ve never been but have been told many times that it is a wonderful Colorado event. This will be our third summer in Colorado, so I think it’s about time we went!

  13. Suzanne Mary Bastien

    I go every year and this year I already have my weekend picked out! It’s a ton of fun and my kids love it.

  14. Jeff Owsley

    My daughter and I got hypnotized for the first time together and I guess the hypnotist had us kind of cuddling each other.

  15. Kathy P

    Hi, Heidi! My family probably went with Ryan’s family!? Family tradition!
    TIPS: Never forget hats (plenty for purchase), sunglasses, and sunscreen! ??????☀️
    Drink lots of water!?? Endless fun, goofy, action-packed picture-taking opportunities!

    We miss Puke and Snot?, and Zilch the Gravedigger doing spoonerisms tales, and the awesome sword swallower who also appeared on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall before and after the RenFest.

    Thank goodness for the turkey?legs, bawdy double entendres? everywhere, the Tomato?Dodger Boys, crafty artisans, and Jousting?! Can’t wait to go back! ?

  16. Emily Jones

    I haven’t been since I was a kid…matter of fact the last time I was there was their 20th anniversary! Would love to go back with my kids. My oldest goes every year with a friend and they dress up in full costume. So fun.

  17. Lesley Hahn

    My fave memories are divided between experiencing Cast in Bronze for the first time and HUGGING his large speaker in order to LIVE his music and the time my boys an I actually managed to catch the day’s entire jousting sets and I screamed myself hoarse!

  18. Stephen

    I have only lived in Colorado for a short time, but I LOVED the Ren Fair in Arizona. It was always so much fun for family, friends, whoever. The shows had been going for many years and you even saw some of the performers kids grow up right before your eyes. I really hope that the Colorado Ren Fair can live up to the Arizona one. From the awesome pictures and way you talk about it, I believe that it will though 🙂 so excited to check it out later this year with our friends!

  19. Vanessa Cogswell

    We’ve been here a little over 2 years and still haven’t been, this summer for sure! Our kids have never been to one, they would love it as much as I did going to the one in AZ as a kid.

  20. Michell Blaskowski

    I’ve never attended the Ren Faire in CO. My husband and I just moved here from MD, where we attended the one in Crownsville every year. We are excited to check it out and make a new tradition of it.

  21. JoAnn

    We LOVE the Renaissance Festival!! Pre-kids, (college and shortly after) we used to go quite a bit (in different states), and we’d have a blast.

    Then, we moved to Colorado and eventually started a family, and I couldn’t wait to take our daughter to her very first one. (We waited until she was a preschooler so she’d be able to truly enjoy it.)

    My favorite memory is from her very first trip. She wore her Cinderella costume. She was in AWE of everything, and it was so magical.

    We’ve made this a yearly tradition ever since!

    …in fact, we were JUST sitting down to figure out which weekend would work for our schedule this summer! 🙂

  22. Aimee

    We love to dress in costume and go as a family! My daughter always begs for the Corn on a Stick ?

  23. Michael cotton

    As a personal chef I’m looking for the beautiful Aspect of Colorado to take my family to and my newborn baby and I think at this event would be the perfect time and aspect for that to share with my family.

  24. Kia

    Last year my oldest had his bday party there. I made all the boys kilts and they ran wild then went to see the royal court. They were very kind to the birthday boy and his band of rowdy Scots.

  25. Tiffanie Gleason

    I have not been to the Renaissance Festival since I was young. I would love to take my three boys because they’ve never been and I think they would love it!

  26. Christi Batie

    My husband and I attended one time and had a great visit. It was so much fun to walk around and be transported to another time. For financial reasons we have never been able to return with our children so they can experience it but we talk about it every year.

  27. Christina

    We’ve never been but my husband and I met and married at the Ren Faire in Florida. On the living chessboard ?

  28. Aaron

    My favorite Colorado Renaissance Festival memory is the Puke and Snot show.

  29. Christine lyle

    We have never been to this before. We moved here 2 years ago and last year we were working every weekend

  30. Shelly Mann

    I’ve never been and would love to attend. I even have the perfect dress to wear. I attended Ren Fest while living in Michigan and had a blast.

  31. Zea Flores

    We’ve never been but would like to go! Mostly to make some family memories. I feel Renaissance festival is one of those things that get implanted in your brain and you just never forget. I mean where else can you experience all that is Renaissance

  32. Laura

    I grew up in Australia and have lived in CO for 8 years. The first year I was here I attended the Res fest and loved it. I haven’t been back since I had children but would totally like to. Watching the shows were awesome and I’d LOVE to take my 6&7 year old boys. They would totally enjoy it.

  33. Jenni Davies

    I had never attended the Renaissance Festival until I met my husband. We try to go each year and now take our children. We have so many great memories there, each year is different. The food is amazing and you can’t find better people watching anywhere. I remember going one year when our daughter was 4 and I was carrying our newborn son in a sling, only his little bare feet and one pudgy little hand popping out. Inside the festival, as we walked around, one of the characters began pointing and shouting at me. It took my husband and I a moment to realize he trying to make me aware that I had a baby attacking me. Their characters are so much fun and engaging!

  34. Matt Martin

    Watching my father-in-law dance with a snake around his neck – late 1980s

  35. Christine Sijelmassi

    A Knight on one knee, giving my daughter who was 4 a flower.

  36. Amanda Accamando

    I love getting out of the city and into the black forest of Larkspur for the Ren Fest! I’ve only been once, but it felt like I was being transported into a completely different place – a forested landscape 500 years in the past!

  37. Steven Oatney

    Would you believe that I’ve been attending the Colorado Renaissance Festival, every year, since 1983, and have the goblets to prove it?! 🙂 Over the last 2+ decades I’ve accumulated costuming of EPIC proportions and wear it proudly, every time I go! See you all, there! Just look for “Pirate Steve – The Black Scarab of the Seven Seas!” #TotalGeek #AllFestie #SoRennie

  38. Laura Light-Kovacs

    My friend entered and won the kilt judging competition, he looked like a highland warrior. I was dressed as a pirate, we drank, we sang and we got mistaken as employees! We were invited to party with the staff afterwords, and I got to cuddle with the rescue dogs! We spent the whole day pretending it was 1609 instead 2009, with only short breaks to reapply sunscreen. We saw the original Puke and Snot show, we tried to get hypnotized to no avail; and we stuffed ourselves on turkey legs, fried ice cream and giant pickles.

  39. Al D.

    I started working the Ren Fair back in 1984 teaching juggling to goers. Years of summers went by with many great memories. It was earlier in the year in those days and when the weather was wet and cold, the patrons would all leave, and the Rennies would all get together and spend time talking stories. There were more juggling performers back then and when it was slow, we’d do a session of combat juggling where you’d try and knock another person’s juggling balls or clubs out of their hands all while continuing your own juggling or you were out. The Renaissance Festival was always a ton of fun!

  40. tim fortkamp

    I’ve never been, only have lived in Colorado for 3 years, now living up in Steamboat springs. i work weekends but im planning to get a weekend off so i can enjoy the Renaissance Festival.

  41. Nicole Garman

    Hi! I’ve never gotten to go due to having back to back pregnancies. Now my daughters are older and it would be a real treat to take them and have that experience. I think my kids would absolutely love this place. Magical memories for them.

  42. cheri dozier

    We moved to sunny, funny Colorado 3 years ago and haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Ren Fest yet. We attended every year in KC and really hope to see at least a few of our old time favorite vendors and acts! We would LOVE to take our boys for a fun day at the CO Ren Fest! Huzzah!!!! Oh yeah, and did I mention TURKEY LEGS?!?!?!

  43. NF

    I’ve been going to Faire for years! I have always loved the atmosphere and the people-watching, seeing shows, and dressing up. I don’t get too many chances in everyday life to wear my beautiful corset out 🙂 A few years ago, I made friends with a few (amazing!) vendors and had the privilege of working at Faire for a couple years! Shenanigans ensued (these, as a whole, are my favorite memories of Faire)! Unfortunately, my current schedule won’t allow me to work, but I’m planning on visiting (wouldn’t miss a year!)

    I have some friends who recently moved to CO who haven’t yet experienced the dusty, wild, hilarious, fascinating, and beautiful world that is CRF. I would LOVE to take them with me. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a sweet prize!

  44. Brianne

    We just moved here from AZ. We have been taking our kids to the Renaissance Festival in AZ ever year since they were babies. We all love going and were very excited there is a great one here too! We’d love to start the tradition here in CO 🙂

  45. Laura

    Love the Renissance Festival, my favorite memory is being a the festival in costume with my son in a baby sling and a little girl facinated by the baby.

  46. Lynn Reyolds St.John

    Why do I want to won? Purely selfish reasons, LOL! When I lived back in MA, my former husband, kids, and I, and several other couples with kids, would meet up at the Ren Fest and all of us had a blast for the day! Now I would be without kids, and would LOVE to play with a turkey leg in one hand and a stein of beer in the other!

  47. Heidi Pankow

    Hi Heidi, how exciting that you are doing this giveaway! We’ve never had the opportunity to attend, but I know it’s something my daughter Hannah would completely adore.

  48. Dawn Gallegos

    We love going! We go a couple of times every year, and last year my youngest daughter worked at the festival!! Each year we try to bring someone new who has never gotten to experience “our little world” of the festival. The year that stands out the most was three years ago when my youngest son and daughter dressed in full costume and brought my daughter’s best friend along. The girls vowed to return each year and then work there when they turned 16. It was never to be, as we lost her friend in a car accident not two months later. So every year we go is a memorial to Jae. She LOVED it there.

  49. The Mayor

    Thank you to everyone who enter this year. I LOVED reading all your responses and I wish that I could give each and every one of you tickets. A winner has been selected (he loves Puke & Snot) and he has already responded to my email, so his tickets will be mailed today.

    Do not fret, however, because you’ll have more chances to win over at my Facebook page here: Makes sure you mark it as a SEE FIRST page so as not to miss these giveaways!!!

    Thank you for playing along! I’m going to share your responses with the Ren Fest organizers because many were very fascinating and shed light on the festival’s long and colorful history.

  50. Jacalyn Engler

    My kids and I have attended Renaissance Festivals many times, mostly in upstate NY. My daughter and son both went on to work in Ren fairs for a couple years. she as a crafts sales person and he as an actor.
    We also all love to travel and would love to stay in Heidi Town someday!

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