February 26, 2008

News on Rolo the Dog

Rolo’s Owner Found Guilty, Dog May Be Destroyed Raj Chohan, Reporter ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) “• A jury in Arvada convicted Laura Hagan Tuesday afternoon of having a dangerous dog. Her German shepherd, Rolo, attacked a woman and her son last August. Rolo attacked Kathy Hardin and her 14-month-old son. Her dress was torn and she was bruised and scratched, according to court records. After the attack, a city judge ruled

Fate of Dog on Death Row to be determined today

No verdict yet, but today a judge will determine whether Rolo the dog will be executed as a result of an incident in Arvada, Colorado. I will post the result when it is released. Keep your fingers crossed for Rolo.   A dog should not have to give his life because of the stupidity of human beings – and that goes for all the humans involved in this case.