May 2008

Heidi Town Rant: Turn your Cell Phone OFF

If you can’t find the off button, I’ll find it for you. Everyone agrees, it is annoying when a cell phone rings during a movie.   However, it seems text messaging or playing games on a cell phone is acceptable.   I am here to tell you IT IS NOT!   Why is it so difficult  to  turn off your cell phone for two hours?   That is only 120

Coming this week... promise!

We’ve been out of town  and I’ve gotten behind on my real jobs! So… of course, I’m behind here too. Coming this week… promise… Review of Oskar Blues (restaurant in Lyons, Colorado) & my review of the Chronicles of Narnia. I’m out of town this weekend too, but I will get these reviews posted before I leave.   I am also reading (finally) so I hope to have at least

What I'm Watching on DVD

I have started a new page at Heidi Town.   You will find What I’m Watching on DVD under Movie Reviews. These will be shorter versions of my other reviews. Check it out!   As always, feel free to leave comments or recommendations.