Heidi Town Rant: Turn your Cell Phone OFF

If you can’t find the off button, I’ll find it for you.

Everyone agrees, it is annoying when a cell phone rings during a movie.   However, it seems text messaging or playing games on a cell phone is acceptable.   I am here to tell you IT IS NOT!   Why is it so difficult  to  turn off your cell phone for two hours?   That is only 120 minutes of your life.   Don’t we go to the movies to disconnect from the real world?   So disconnect already!    

Lately  I’ve had the displeasure of sitting next to people who spend the entire movie playing on their  cell phone.   The irritating green glow usually starts up about the time I’m really getting into the movie.   Last week I  saw the new Indiana Jones movie  (review to be posted this  week) and apparently the girl next to me was not interested.   For three  quarters of the movie she text messaged and played games on her cell phone.   I can’t believe her  batteries didn’t run out.   (Someone should invent a machine that sucks the battery power from cell phones – I’d buy one for the movie theater).

Think  these are  isolated cases?   Just take a look around  a crowded theater and you’ll see eerily green faces dotting the seats.   How would  these people like it if I brought a small flashlight and shined it into my face during  the entire movie?   How about I flick it on and off repeatedly for two hours?    

If you can’t be separated from the world for 120 minutes, don’t go to the movies.   Movie tickets are expensive and I would like to make the most of my movie going experience.   Please, turn you cell phones OFF in the movie theater.  

Don’t even get me started on people who bring in individually wrapped candies.


  1. This is part of the larger trend at movie theaters. Too many people have zero respect for their fellow audience members. I’m always at a loss whether to ‘shush’ someone who’s yakking during a film. If that person wasn’t taught proper manners, he/she probably doesn’t give a dang what I say about their behavior. Clearly, they have little or no social skills and won’t be swayed by my critique.

    It’s a tiny but not insignifcant sign of a breakdown of cultural standards.


  2. I hardly ever get to go to the movies anymore, so when I do I like to get completely sucked in. I take any distraction as a personal affront and have been known to shush, glare, or sigh heavily and move seats. But I agree with Christian, if they’re already that rude my reactions won’t make a lot of difference.
    Another huge pet peeve of mine when I go; seeing small children in the theater for an adult movie (no not that kind of ‘adult’:-) but anything with lots of violence, nudity, or even bad language. I feel personally responsible for them since their parents clearly aren’t. Thanks for the rant – maybe we could invent the battery sucking machine together…?


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