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Still haven't seen Slumdog???

Well if you live in Northern Colorado, get your butt over to Lyric Cinema   Cafe located at 300  E. Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins.   Lyric has  a great line up this week, that includes  the Academy Award winner for Best Picture  “Slumdog Millionaire.” They are also featuring “Milk,” the film  that scored Sean Penn a Best  Actor Oscar, and all the  Oscar nominated short films. For more information

Heidi Town Rant: Turn your Cell Phone OFF

If you can’t find the off button, I’ll find it for you. Everyone agrees, it is annoying when a cell phone rings during a movie.   However, it seems text messaging or playing games on a cell phone is acceptable.   I am here to tell you IT IS NOT!   Why is it so difficult  to  turn off your cell phone for two hours?   That is only 120