Not a Movie ~ but Real Life ~ Horse Cruelty Case Rocks Riding Community

This post  does not keep with the overall theme  at HeidiTown,  but from time to time, I will use this platform  to bring attention to issues such as this.  

Animals have always played an important  role in  my life and my  life would not be complete without a pet.  When I hear stories of animal cruelty, my heart breaks and my faith in humankind is shaken. However, sometimes a person comes along who restores that hope.

This story  was brought to my attention by a  gentleman named Carl Cushatt. Cushatt has  been riding  and owning horses  since he was  5 years old.  He recently picked up a copy of  “Rocky Mountain Rider,”  and was horrified to read a unbelievable story  about a horse cruelty case in Montana.  

Read article HERE.

Cushatt was moved to do something about this case. He has set up an account  called Bitter Root Equine  Rescue Account  at Bank of the West.  You may donate at any Bank of the West  location. The donations will be sent directly to Bitter Root Humane Association for the care and rehabilitation of the mistreated horses.

Also, I encourage you to  write the  Ravalli County Attorney’s Office  and express your wish to see these men prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Ravalli County Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor John Bell, 205 Bedford Street, Ste C, Hamilton, MT 59840


  1. Please note: the names of the two men charged were misspelled in the original article.

    Here is a posting from the person who wrote the article, as posted to the comment board on

    “I wrote the original article, and need to update the name of the men: HEYDON is the correct spelling. It was misreported in two newspapers and in Rocky Mountain Rider. We have corrected it in the forthcoming October issue (and on our website: that will be out the first of October. The horses are doing slightly better. Two have such severely ulcerated eyes from biting flies that they may loose eyesight. Able has very badly abscessed front hooves with special hospital plates put on to hold medicine and dressings. Diamond, the one with the most severe wounds, is very slowly recovering, loosing his last winter’s coat (kept from malnutrition), and being very sweet and friendly, as they all are. ”


  2. Jenne ~

    Thank you very much for this posting.



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