Rachel Getting Married (wish I’d RSVP’d “no”)

RachelGettingMarriedI just had one of those “wow I’m glad I didn’t go to the theater to see that movie” moments. “Rachel Getting Married” is  the indie flick from that snagged Anne Hathaway an Oscar  best-actress nomination in 2008.

She did fine, but after seeing this movie, I’m glad she didn’t win, because I was not blown away by her performance.

This is a movie about a girl name Kym (Anne Hathaway), who has been in and out of rehab for ten years. Her sister, Rachel, is getting married at their family’s Connecticut home (think, “Father of the Bride,” only not funny).

Kym  has left her sober living house in order to attend the wedding, but  her sister isn’t especially  glad to  see her. In fact, her sister given the honor of maid-of-honor to a friend, a position usually reserved for  a sibling.

As the story unfolds we become painfully aware of the major skeletons in this family’s closet, and all the problems are directly related to Kym’s issues with addiction.  It’s a  glimpse  into the lives of rich people with problems,  a topic that is sometimes fascinating, but in this case  just didn’t capture my interest.  

The wedding  in the movie is just plain weird. There’s an  odd mixture of music and dancing and basically I just wanted to go home, except that I was at home because we’d rented this one.  

If you’ve been curious about “Rachel Getting Married,”  and it’s sitting on your Netflix queue,  let me save  . Delete it – this isn’t a wedding you want to attend.


  1. I hated that movie! I heard it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good and then I was like, it’s soooooooooo not!


  2. hmm.. i really liked it, but it struck some personal chords in me…also i saw it with a beer & a slice o pie for $3.


  3. It wasn’t that I didn’t relate to the story. I think most people in the world have been touched by addiction or one of the other themes of the movie.

    What is interesting is that “Rachel Getting Married” is one of those films I may have liked a little better if I’d been in a different mood whilst viewing it. Perhaps with a beer, a slice of pie and a cigarette my conclusion would have been different. 🙂


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