HeidiTown takes on “New Moon” – Chapters 1 through 3



Synopsis: In Chapter 1 of “New Moon“ Bella faces her eighteenth birthday and the fact she will grow old and gray while Edward will stay handsome and forever seventeen. Her realization makes her angry and she doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday, but her vampire friends have other plans. They throw a party at the Cullen mansion where bumbling Bella gets a paper cut. At the sight of her blood Jasper attacks.  In his panic to protect her, Edward causes Bella to  fall into a glass table. Her  arm is badly cut. Now all her vampire friends want to eat her. Of course, they don’t (darn it). After the accident, Edward realizes he represents a real danger to Bella (duh) and the entire family decides to move away. Bella goes into a deep depression that lasts for months.

Bumbling Bella

Honestly, I have little to say about these first chapters, other than I have never met anyone as clumsy as Bella. Not a good trait in someone who likes to hang out with vampires, even reformed vampires.

To read the entire saga of HeidiTown’s trip through “New Moon” (in chronological order), click on this underlined sentence.

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