Opening on Mother’s Day

Babies are definitely popular these days, and now they have invaded the theater. You may be looking forward to “Iron Man 2,” but I promise your Mom would rather go to “Babies.”

This new documentary, directed by Thomas Balmés, follows four babies from around the world – San Francisco, Nambia, Tokyo, Mongolia – from birth to their first steps. The cultural differences will be apparent, but so will the similarities (I think that’s the point folks).

I haven’t seen it, and don’t plan to, but I can almost guarantee your mom would love to see “Babies” this Mother’s Day weekend.

Visit the official Web site HERE to view the trailer and find out where the film is playing.  



  1. don’t forget.. it’s rated PG because of BREASTFEEDING!!
    OMG! not thaaaat



  2. I failed to mention that, and it is true. PG for nudity, not only breast feeding, but I think there’s cultural nudity in Africa.


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