HeidiTown on the Radio: Big festivals hit Colorado in August

During the summer of 2011, I was approached by the director of KRFC 88.9 FM, Brian Hughes, about doing a community segment. This month marks two-years of the HeidiTown segment on 88.9 FM, Fort Collins public radio.

All Arts Festival, August 15-18, 2013.

Being on public radio has limitations for someone who writes and talks about festivals. For instance, I can’t tell the audience the price of a ticket, and may not even say whether the event is free, because free is a monetary value. However, without public radio I probably  wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be on the radio at all.

I also want to thank my producers, D and Mickey for making each of my recordings sound professional.

I appreciate KRFC’s support of local talent and local writers like myself, and thank them for allowing me to be on this crazy ride with them for the last two years. So without further ado, you can listen to this week’s segment HERE.

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