A sleigh ride in Breckenridge, Colorado

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh”¦

This delightful scene isn’t reserved solely for songs, television commercials and movies, you can make it a reality in Breckenridge, Colorado.

a romantic sleigh ride in Breckenridge Colorado.
Photo by Travis Konkle of Dramatic Focal Point.

Nordic Sleigh Rides is located just outside of Breckenridge, and whether you are looking for a romantic outing or you wish to recreate the “over the river and through the woods “ song with your family, this place has got you covered.

Last month we were treated to an “exclusive ride,” meaning that we went out in a beautiful one-horse open sleigh pulled by a magnificent Percheron named King. These large horses were originally bred as war horses for knights and they must have been very intimidating to unmounted armies during Medieval times.  

Heather runs the horse teams at Nordic Sleigh Rides and she’s a wealth of knowledge about horses. I enjoyed chatting with her about the various types of draft horse breeds and their varying personalities.

Photographer Travis Konkle of Dramatic Focal Point  also joined us on the excursion, as well as Heather’s energetic 2-year-old cattle dog.

This winter, Travis has been capturing wedding proposals that happen during Nordic Sleigh Ride outings. He’s usually hired by men who want to surprise their girlfriends with a mountain proposal.  Travis hides out at the proposal site and shoots the entire scene without the knowledge of the girlfriend. It’s a charming and brilliant idea. Much better than the, “so you wanna get married?” proposal that I’ve frequently heard about.

A sleigh ride in Breckenridge Colorado. Marriage proposal with Dramatic Focal Point Photography
Photo by Travis Konkle of Dramatic Focal Point.
A sleigh ride in Breckenridge Colorado. Marriage proposal with Dramatic Focal Point Photography
Photo by Travis Konkle of Dramatic Focal Point

Ryan and I have been married for a decade now, so Travis wasn’t shooting any surprise proposals, but he did take some photographs of Ryan and I having fun during our outing.

We swished through the forest in the late afternoon; the bells on King’s harness jingling merrily. The area is a winter wonderland during this time of year. Sunlight filtered through the trees as our cattle dog companion happily ran alongside of the sleigh. It really was like something out of a romantic movie.

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer & Ryan Schlaefer at Nordic Sleigh Rides in Breckenridge, Colorado. HeidiTown.com
Heidi & Ryan. Photo by Travis Konkle of Dramatic Focal Point.

The day was sunny, but chilly and we were grateful for the warm blanket that covered our laps and toes.

Our cheeks glowed red as King plodded along, occasionally breaking into a trot, which is exhilarating. The scenery (and company) was wonderful and it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.

Our outing was an exclusive, but they also have family sleigh rides available and dinner theater. That’s right, you and the family ride on the sleigh to a real Miner’s Cabin where you eat dinner while being entertained by mountain men, dance hall girls and more.

If you’ve been looking for a Colorado sleigh ride, check out Nordic Sleigh Rides online at ColoradoSleighRides.com.

Nordic Sleigh Rides cattle dog.  HeidiTown.com
Our canine companion.

If you’d like Travis to capture your special engagement moment or vow renewal or you’d just like a sleigh ride photo session, check out his website at  DramaticFocalPoint.com.

Thank you to Nordic Sleigh Rides for hosting us on this outing.

Thank you to Dramatic Focal Point Photography for shooting us on this outing.


  1. We went on the family sleigh ride many years ago. It is a wonderful, fun memory! What a great way for a family to enjoy an eve together wtih great food and entertainment. I give Nordic Sleigh Rides 5 stars!!!


  2. My wife and I did the “Nordic Sleigh Ride” several years ago. We enjoyed the “Mountain Man” show so much we came back to see the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” show. Beautiful nighttime sleigh ride with warm blankets and star-filled sky. After the ride; cups of hot chocolate, a delicious “mining camp meal”, followed by great family entertainment filled with insight & lots of laughs! 5 stars!


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