Ten reasons road trips rule

Contemplating a road trip this spring or summer?

Here’s why road trips rule.

1. There are no lines, no purse checks and you can leave your shoes on.

2. You can sing at the top of your lungs and no one but the dog thinks you’re crazy.

3. You can take your dog along. Dogs rule!

Ten reasons road trips rule. HeidiTown.com

4. You can stop for breaks; stretch your legs and breathe real, clean, fresh air.

5. You can stop to eat real food. Diners rule!

Ten reasons road trips rule. diners. HeidiTown.com

6. You can pull over on a whim and take in the view.

The vista from Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado. Ten reasons road trips rule. HeidiTown.com

7. Your seat does not have to remain in an upright position.

8. You can play the slug bug or alphabet game. The slug bug game is awkward on a plane.

9. You can have long philosophical conversations about any subject without strangers thinking you are completely insane.

10. The fastest route is rarely the most interesting.

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself.



    1. That burger is from a diner called the Trading Post in Kit Carson, Colorado. It’s worth the drive to Eastern Colorado… seriously!!!

      Thank you for stopping by HeidiTown today. 🙂


  1. As a cross country driver (CO. To NJ). I wholeheartedly agree. Take the dogs all the time. Each trip is a new adventure.


  2. I am not a road warrior, per se, in that, I like my road trips to be 5 hours or less per travel day. But I agree with all of your reasons why road trips rule. I realize also, I have never been to Kit Carson and now that burger/diner is on my list.


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