Gociety, a social media platform for outdoorsy folks

Last week I was invited to Snowbank Brewing in Fort Collins to check out a Gociety get together. When I looked into Gociety I thought my readers may be interested, after all, citizens of HeidiTown are festival goers and adventure seekers.

What is Gociety? Gociety is a social media platform for active people; people who may be looking for trip reports or something more. Perhaps they are seeking friendship or even a relationship with another outdoor-loving adult.

Colorado Rockies. HeidiTown.com
Gociety members live for scenes like this.

The tagline on their website is “Meet Awesome People,” so the primary goal of Gociety is to bring together awesome, outdoorsy people.

Let’s say that you’ve just moved to Denver and you love to hike. How do you find the best trails? How do you find those hidden gems that only the locals know about? How do you find hiking buddies? That’s where Gociety comes in.

After talking with Jason, the very cool and athletic director of partnerships at Gociety, I decided to go to Gociety.com and start my own profile. It was fairly easy since all I had to do was connect my Facebook profile and viola, I was a Gociety member.

camping near longdraw reservoir colorado. HeidiTown.com

I gave up trying to find an athletic looking photo to use as my profile picture and decided immediately that a photo of me ice climbing was a little misleading. After all, I’ve only ice climbed once in my life and have never climbed on rock or at a gym.

Before you go thinking that all members of Gociety run 25 miles before breakfast every day, not all members are super athletes. While there are incredibly active folks on Gociety, folks who like to scale icy mountains and tackle class 6 rapids, there are a lot of people there who just want to find an interesting day hike or an after work running buddy.

Once I created a profile with a photo of me in a red hat, not an ice climbing helmet, I found myself viewing a What’s Happening/Plans Page. I could join a group of moonlight climbers in Boulder, a bikes and beer ride in Denver or a woman’s 5K obstacle course and run in Lyons.

I could also check out Trip Reports. These are sort of like little informative blog posts about what other Gociety members have been up to. In my area I saw that several folks had been car camping and one guy had gotten stuck in a snowstorm on the incline in Manitou Springs. I can now use these various reports to plan my own future outings.

Gociety is 100% free to use.Check it out at Gociety.com today and feel free to friend me. I’m a Libra, I like to hike and drink beer with good friends!  🙂

Gociety Logo

Hiking at Mt. School Marm Colorado. HeidiTown.com

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